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One Piece: Vegapunk Is Gone, Will Franky Act?

One Piece: Vegapunk Is Gone, Will Franky Act?

With Vegapunk gone, it might be time for Franky to step into action to help the Straw Hats out of this uncertain situation. 

As you know, in the Egghead island arc it was shown how the situation went awry after the appearance of the CP0 troops. 

They managed to surround the island. 

On the other hand, the Straw Hats agree to help Vegapunk.

After knowing his life was in danger, Vegapunk enlisted Luffy's help to take him away from the island. Luffy himself agreed with that, before the situation changed. 

Apart from the CP0 troop that managed to surround Egghead Island, now the situation is getting more complicated after Vegapunk and also Bonney disappeared. 

Then, what will happen next?

Where's Vegapunk?

One Piece: Vegapunk Is Gone, Will Franky Act?

Chapter 1072 shows how Jewelry Bonney tries to kill Vegapunk. 

Bonney has long targeted the life of the scientist, who is considered responsible for what happened to his father, Bartholomew Kuma. And the opportunity was before his eyes. 

Bonney then chased Vegapunk, until he arrived at a room.

The room contains a storage area called the Nikyu Room. Inside is a memory balloon belonging to Kuma, which he presented years ago. 

Bonney himself then touched the balloon and was sucked into it. In chapter 1074, it was revealed that Bonney was in Kuma's memory world. 

This can be seen from Bonney who saw little Kuma.

The question then is where is Vegapunk? 

In the previous chapter, there was information that not only Bonney, but Vegapunk's body had also disappeared. 

Vegapunk might also be sucked into Kuma's memory. 

Even so, there is an important note in this matter. In chapter 1074 we don't see his figure. It is very likely that he went to another Kuma's past.

Like the concept of a time machine, maybe Bonney and Vegapunk were both sucked into Kuma's memories. 

However, they are both thrown into different times or moments. 

If Bonney was thrown into Kuma's childhood, Vegapunk might be thrown into Kuma's past as well when he was a kid or when they met each other. 

It could also be, Vegapunk went to a moment he had never explored before.

Franky's turn to action

One Piece: Vegapunk Is Gone, Will Franky Act?

Chapter 1074 shows the Straw Hat crew looking for Vegapunk. 

They split up to save time. 

Even so, they are a race against time. 

Because, apart from the chaotic situation on Egghead Island due to the battle against the CP0 troops, they also have to prepare to face the large naval fleet under Kizaru's control.

Don't forget that one of the Gorosei is also coming to the island, which means the situation could get even more chaotic. 

In a complicated and cornered situation like this, Franky is considered to be a solution or at least able to contribute more. 

The last time the Straw Hats interacted with the research results from Vegapunk occurred when Franky was thrown onto an island during the timeskip.

The results of the timeskip are extraordinary, where Franky undergoes drastic changes. 

Utilizing the blueprints left by Vegapunk on the island that is home to the scientist, Karakuri Island, Franky then makes improvements to his body. 

Even though we have seen some of Franky's awesomeness, such as when he faced Senor Pink or when he faced Sasaki, the fans hope that there will be an arc that presents more of his character's awesomeness.

And in this Egghead island arc, there's been a lot of speculation if maybe Franky will finally get more spotlight like the other Straw Hats. 

With the disappearance of Vegapunk, the opportunity seems wide open. 

Why is that? 

One Piece: Vegapunk Is Gone, Will Franky Act?

Franky can use and prove Vegapunk's various technologies are very useful in dealing with enemies.

On the other hand, Franky will not be alone. 

The Vegapunk satellites will certainly help Franky in this regard. 

Franky can start using various secret weapons that are rarely used or can also get other improvements from Vegapunk satellites. 

Of course, this will be an extraordinary moment for Franky throughout the One Piece story.

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