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One Piece 1075 Spoilers: Lucci and Luffy Working as a Team?

Currently, the spoiler that One Piece fans have been waiting for has started circulating everywhere. 

From the information that there is, the situation on Egghead Island is getting more chaotic after several incidents, making the Straw Hats and the others have to stay alert. 

As you know, the situation on Egghead Island is currently uncertain.

Previously, we saw how Rob Lucci and also Kaku along with the CP0 troop attacked Egghead's island. They had the upper hand, but in the end they couldn't face Luffy and the Straw Hat crew. 

Not to mention the "betrayal" committed by Stussy, who turned out to be MADS and Vegapunk's first clone. And the most epic of course is how Kizaru and one of the Gorosei want to go to Egghead Island.

One Piece 1075 Spoilers

Then, what happened in chapter 1075? There are several important points that appear in the chapter. Firstly, the title for this new chapter is “Labo Phase Death Game” or “Deadly Game in Labo Phase.” Second, the cover image shows how Vegapunk meets the Gorosei. 

Then, this chapter shows clearer clues about the presence of a traitor.

In this chapter all the supervisory den den mushi were destroyed by a mysterious figure. As a result of this, Shaka, who had been watching everything from the monitor from the start, couldn't do much. 

The next point is to find the whereabouts of Bonney and Vegapunk, the Straw Hat crew and the Vegapunk clones decide to split into four groups.

Unfortunately, one of them, namely Franky's group, received an attack from one of the Seraphim, namely S-Snake. On the other hand, S-Bear and S-Hawk attack the control room. 

Shaka had given the order to stop attacking, but the attempt failed. What's interesting is that after being unconscious for quite a while, Kaku and Rob Lucci finally started to wake up.

Seeing the situation that was happening, Rob Lucci and Kaku began to worry. The reason is, they are still in handcuffs using sea stones. Meanwhile, two Seraphim tried to attack them. 

The two CP0 members asked Zoro and Luffy to release them. And they also invited the two of them to fight together against the Seraphim.

From this leaked information, it is known that chapter 1076 will be released as scheduled, namely on February 26 2023, in other words there will be no weekly break for next week. 

And for the leaks or spoilers themselves, they will be released a few days earlier.

From what was presented based on leaked information in chapter 1075, it shows how the situation on Egghead Island is getting out of control. 

We saw how the Seraphim fought back against the Vegapunk clones, and the CP0 troops themselves couldn't do much. 

Moreover, they had previously given the order to attack the Straw Hat crew. 

Some of the interesting points in this chapter are how Rob Lucci asked Luffy and Zoro to free them, and promised to fight together against the Seraphim. 

You may be surprised by what happened, but based on leaks, Kaku also seems to be the target of the Seraphim's attack. 

Because they were both targets, Kaku decided to work together to get out of this situation.

What is also interesting is how the signs of a traitor appearing in Luffy's group or Vegapunk's side. This traitorous figure gradually began to destroy various facilities on Egghead Island. 

He also carried out sabotage which claimed many victims. Is the traitor one of the people in Luffy's alliance group? Or is there another party that appears?

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