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Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1076: The Surprise Appearance of Black Vegapunk

One Piece chapter 1076 will surprise you in the form of the appearance of the figure of Black Vegapunk who reveals a large veil, the genius scientist turns out to make a clone that contains all of his bad sides.

One Piece 1076 manga leaks are circulating which reveal interesting information about Vegapunk.

One Piece 1076 manga spoiler appears which reveals the reason the genius scientist committed betrayal against Luffy and Cs on Egghead Island.

Not only was information about Vegapunk's betrayal on Egghead Island revealed, from leaks of the One Piece 1076 manga it was also revealed that Rob Lucci and Kaku are now in an alliance with the Straw Hats.

It is said that the manga One Piece 1076 begins with the actions of the Seraphim who are now turning to attack Kaku and Rob Lucci in the Lab when they are weak.

Seraphim then attacked the two members of CP Zero with the intention to finish them off regardless of the other enemies.

Without thinking long, One Piece 1076 spoiler revealed, Zoro and Luffy released Rob Lucci and Kaku and accepted their offer to form an alliance.

Lucci and Kaku were finally free, because they wanted to avenge what Luffy and Zoro had done. They kept their promise and formed an alliance with them to finish off the Seraphim.

The One Piece 1076 panel then moved on to Morgan who received interesting information about the Gorosei's movements which are now heading to Egghead Island.

It is known that Gorosei Saturn, who is moving towards Egghead, turns out to be a secret mission of the World Government that the public does not want to know about.

Because if information about the Gorosei's movement towards Egghead becomes widespread, then the Gorosei's potential danger will increase.

Surely the vicious pirates who hate the World Government will immediately act and target the head of one of the Five Elders, Gorosei Saturn.

One of the groups that would definitely head towards Egghead if they learned of this information was the Revolutionary Army.

But Morgan, the news freak, didn't think about that. He proudly shared valuable information, namely the Gorosei's departure for Egghead.

At the same time Akainu received news about Garp's movement towards Beehive Island to forcibly pick up Coby from Blackbeard's hands.

Garp's decision made Akainu furious, because according to him, Luffy's grandfather always did as he pleased without thinking about what would happen.

Also in One Piece 1076, finally the figure of the real Vegapunk doctor is found and currently Vegapunk is in the form of a child.

But one interesting thing, nearby is a person who has a very similar form to the original Vegapunk...

In this chapter it is also finally revealed that Vegapunk actually has the first satellite he has made before the current six satellites.

This Vegapunk clone has the name Black Vegapunk, because this satellite represents all the bad sides of the genius scientist in One Piece.

Due to the bad nature of this Vegapunk clone, even he cannot be controlled by the original Vegapunk doctor.

Black Vegapunk was put to sleep in a special room, but due to the chaos that occurred on Egghead Island this made Black Vegapunk active again.

It was later revealed that he was the culprit for every chaos that occurred on Egghead Island, initially he started the Death Phase.
The authority in controlling the Seraphim that belongs to Black Vegapunk is higher than the other six satellites that exist today.

This made the Seraphim now out of control and could not be calmed down, this was because of Black Vegapunk's actions.

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