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One Piece: Will Usop Have Devil Fruits?

One Piece: Will Usop Have Devil Fruits?

Usopp is one of the interesting characters from the Straw Hats.

He is a hilarious and timid character, but he is a very loyal crew.

Compared to the other Straw Hats, Usopp ability is unique.

He can shoot with great distance.

Usopp is a sniper expert from the Straw Hats crew.

Even so, it was very rare for Usopp to be seen fighting an enemy.

Usopp is one of the three Straw Hats' weakest crew, besides Nami and Tony Chopper.

However, after training with Heracles during the timeskip for two years, Usopp's abilities improved slightly.

But, did Usopp's strength increase only end there?

Usopp Will Have the Power of the Devil Fruit
One Piece: Will Usop Have Devil Fruits?

Regarding the One Piece story, Eiichiro Oda will discuss about us how Usopp will increase the strenght by adding devil fruit.

But, it was not Usopp who would consume the devil fruit who bought the weapon that Usopp bought in every fight, Kabuto.

Weapons that are similar to slingshots will "eat" the fruit of the devil and then Kabuto will become a weapon that can live by itself.

This is similar to Napoleon owned by Big Mom.

The difference is, if Napoleon is made from Big Mom's soul fragments, Kabuto can live thanks to consuming the devil fruit of the type Zoan Mushi Mushi no Mi Model: Kabutomushi.

When Kabuto turns to life, he will change like a beetle.

Besides being a weapon for Usopp, this form can also be a transportation for Usopp and those who ride Kabuto.

Part of the horn is taken, can be used as a tool to be taken.

Why is Zoan a Devil Fruit?
One Piece: Will Usop Have Devil Fruits?

The first reason why the devil fruit is Zoan type is because there is hope with Kabuto / Kabutomushi.

In Japanese, kabuto / mistomushi is a beetle insect.

Often animals or animals in the One Piece story are shown to have the ability of Zoan's devil fruit.

The most obvious example is Kaido.

Another reason is that from the very beginning Usopp was always close to beetles.

For example Luffy's compilation of finding beetles while in Jaya, the person who was most happy to find a compilation was Usopp.

Nobody likes Usopp anymore.

Then those who "meritorious" to Usopp, Heracles, are beetle humans.

Animals on the island of Boin are also mostly beetles.

Another reason is Kabuto could be a spy for Usopp.

In the military world, a sniper usually can be in pairs.

One person as a sniper, another person as the person who calculates all the details (angle, wind speed, slope, etc.).

This can also apply to Usopp, while Kabuto will help Usopp to calculate wind speed and wind movement.

Higher levels of accuracy can be higher.

Where Did Usopp Find the Devil Fruit?
One Piece: Will Usop Have Devil Fruits?

Then, the next question is where will Usopp find the fruit of the Mushi Mushi no Mi Kabutomushi?

There are two possibilities that can happen.

First is Usopp finding his devil fruit somewhere.

For example on Boin Island, where it turns out that Heracles was actually a devil fruit that came from Usopp, because at first he did not believe in Usopp.

But, then he began slowly and entrusted the devil fruit to Usopp.

Secondly, Usopp issued an increase in Kabuto on Elbaf island. The leader of the giant tribe (and several giant tribes) represented a good friend of Usopp.

They were good friends since the Water Seven arc, and even Usopp was not expected to visit their island a few days later.

The leader of this giant tribe has the ability of Zoan type devil fruit with the horn beetle model (Rhino Beetle).

Then a criminal (either that) then kills the leader of the giant tribe.

His strength then absorbs the fruit that is in the end, and then Usopp takes the devil fruit.

Usopp did not eat the devil's fruit, but rather to save it and no one else could choose it, just like Ace's Mera Mera fruit saved by Luffy.

But, in the end the giant tribes convinced Usopp to get the devil's fruit.

Unfortunately, Usopp himself was unwilling and unsure of eating the devil's fruit.

The first reason was that Usopp knew about the side effects of devil fruit eaters, the second Usopp felt himself not strong enough to be a Zoan type devil fruit user.

Thanks to the help of Franky who had read research on the secrets of the devil fruit, finally gave advice to Usopp to give strength to the sticks.

With that power Usopp then defeated the villain who killed the giant tribal leader, and became a hero to the Elbaf community.

And Usopp will be a very great person thanks to that.

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