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One Piece: The 11 Biggest Bounties in Onigashima!

One Piece: The 11 Biggest Bounties in Onigashima!

The great battle at Onigahima in the Wano Country arc is considered the greatest battle to beat the peak battle at Marineford in the One Piece series. 

The battle at Onigashima itself saw the Wano samurai with the Straw Hats and their various alliances fight against Big Mom and Kaido and the Beast pirate group.

There are many great and wonderful characters involved in this great battle in Onigashima. 

So it's only natural that then the battle becomes the most massive and most epic battle for now in the One Piece series. 

And these great characters certainly have a lot of game value. The following is a list of characters with the greatest bounty in Onigashima.

10. Trafalgar Law – 500 Million Belly

One Piece: The 11 Biggest Bounties in Onigashima!

One of the other Worst Generations pirates besides Kid. 

Law also has a crucial role in this Onigashima battle. He was the one who saved Zoro when he was dying, after being hit by Kaido's attack and running out of energy. 

Law is also the "brain" of the attack on Onigashima. 

Law really contributed a lot to this battle.

Law's current bounty is 500 million Belly. Law is now a part of Luffy's big alliance. 

Law is an intelligent figure, where he has his own plans to defeat Kaido. 

However, Law later chose to help Kid defeat Big Mom. Law's value is also predicted to increase after everything is finished.

9. Izo – 510 Million Belly

One Piece: The 11 Biggest Bounties in Onigashima!

Izo is one of the characters whose bounty has only been known in recent times. 

Previously, Izo's own bounty was still a mystery. 

However, the latest Vivre Card which was released yesterday later revealed how much Izo's bounty actually turned out to be quite high, namely 510 million Belly. 

Izo himself at this time had to grieve to see the condition of his younger brother, Kiku, who was seriously injured.

8. Charlotte Perospero – 700 Million Belly

One Piece: The 11 Biggest Bounties in Onigashima!

A member of the Charlotte family. 

Perospero is the eldest child of the Charlotte family and also holds the position of Minister of Candy. 

Perospero has the power to control food, especially candy. Perospero can make phenomenal things out of candy, like the Arrow Candy technique.

Perospero's appearance in Onigashima was actually unexpected. Perospero had come to Onigashima on purpose, at first because he didn't agree with the cooperation between Big Mom and Kaido. 

However, then he finally followed Big Mom's wishes. 

Currently, Perospero himself has been defeated.

7. Jack The Drought – 1 Billion Belly

One Piece: The 11 Biggest Bounties in Onigashima!

Jack the Drought is a member of the Beast Pirates, and is one of the three All-Stars. 

With the power he has and being the fruit of Kaido, the most powerful pirate in the world and also the most powerful creature in the world, it seems natural that Jack has a bounty of 1 billion Belly.

Jack's strength is not too outstanding or too extraordinary when compared to the other two All-Stars. 

He was able to transform into a giant mammoth thanks to the Zou Zou no Mi devil fruit. 

Even so, the destructive power of its trunk is so powerful that it can destroy an area. 

Jack himself was defeated by Inuarashi and Nekomamushi.

6. Queen The Plague – 1,320 Billion Belly

One Piece: The 11 Biggest Bounties in Onigashima!

Another member of the Beast Pirates and also one of the All-Stars. Compared to Jack, Queen was much stronger. 

He is also a Zoan-type devil fruit user with a dinosaur model, namely Brachiosaurus. 

Queen herself currently has a bounty of around 1.320 billion Belly, which makes her one of the most feared pirates in the ocean.

Apart from strength, Queen is also known as an expert in weapons and technology. 

This can be seen from his ability to create poison, as well as how his body has been modified like a cyborg. 

What's amazing is that Queen is able to imitate Germa's technology. 

Sanji himself managed to defeat Queen on the 3rd floor of Kaido palace.

5. Marco The Phoenix – 1.374 Billion Belly

One Piece: The 11 Biggest Bounties in Onigashima!

After being a mystery, the fans finally found out how much Marco had wanted through the Vivre Card which was released last year. 

In the Vivre Card, Oda Sensei released the bounties of several characters whose bounties are still mysterious, such as Marco, Izo, Bello Betty, Lindbergh, Karasu, and Morley.

Marco's bounty is indeed slightly higher than the two All-Stars above. 

However, the big question then is whether this game value applies before the time-skip or even after the time-skip – after the battle at Marineford, to be precise. 

Some fans admitted that they were disappointed because Marco's game value did not match expectations, because Marco is a leader with many subordinates.

4. King – 1,390 Billion Belly

One Piece: The 11 Biggest Bounties in Onigashima!

Known as King the Wildfire, King is one of the three All-Stars and is Kaido's most powerful subordinate, which is why he is Kaido's representative. 

Previously, it was not known what the bounty of King was, although many fans believed that his bounty would be far above Jack and Queen. 

And in the latest Vivre Card, it is known that King's bounty is very high, even surpassing Marco.

King is known to have a bounty of 1,390 billion Belly. 

King is also a Zoan type devil fruit user with the Pteranodon model. 

The latest surprising fact about King's figure is that it turns out that he is part of a long-extinct race, namely the Lunarian race which is considered the race of the gods because of their extraordinary abilities.

3. Monkey D. Luffy – 1,500 Billion Belly

One Piece: The 11 Biggest Bounties in Onigashima!

Some may think and some may also not think that Luffy will get such a large bounty in a relatively short time. 

Before getting a very large bounty, Luffy was just an ordinary kid who lives with a big dream, which is to become the pirate king.

That motivation always makes Luffy do what people think is impossible. 

Luffy is actually an example that game value is just a number. 

It's been proven how many characters who have a game value greater than him and are also stronger have been defeated by Luffy. 

However, this also shows how Luffy's abilities and strength as a candidate for the pirate king are.

2. Big Mom – 4,388 Billion Belly

One Piece: The 11 Biggest Bounties in Onigashima!

Charlotte Linlin, also known as Big Mom, is one of the Yonko figures who appear on this list. 

He is the captain of the Big Mom pirates and controls many areas of the Grand Line. Linlin's strength is truly extraordinary, where she is known to have killed a giant when she was only 5 years old.

In addition, at his young age, Linlin already has a bounty of around 50 million Belly. 

When he grew up, he was able to finish off anyone who got in his way. He was even able to match the strength of Kaido. 

The bounty of Big Mom is of course very large, known to be around 4.388 billion Belly. 

This value must have grown considerably since when he still had a bounty of 50 million Belly.

1. Kaido – 4,611 Billion Belly

One Piece: The 11 Biggest Bounties in Onigashima!

Kaido became the most "expensive" character in the Onigashima battle. 

Known as the captain of the Beast pirate group, and also the ruler of the Wano region. As one of the four rulers of the ocean, of course Kaido's strength is no joke. 

During this time, Kaido could not be killed or even injured.

Being a big battle throughout the series, it's only natural that then there are many great and extraordinary characters with high bounty values ​​appearing in Onigashima. 

And as this battle drew to a close, it was not impossible that some of the names above his bounty would rise. We look forward to the continuation of the story in the next chapter!

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