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One Piece: Franky Will Eat Buki Buki no Mi Devil Fruit?

One Piece: Franky Will Eat Buki Buki no Mi Devil Fruit?

Franky is one of the Straw Hat crew who contributed to One Piece. 

He had already built a new ship after the Straw Hat crew lost the Going Merry in the Water Seven arc. 

The new ship is known as the Thousand Suny or Suny Go. 

The ship is made of adam wood, which is the same material as Roger's Oro Jackson.

Prior to meeting the Straw Hats, Franky was the leader of the Franky Family. 

Franky has always been obsessed with Tom, a famous carpenter and shipbuilder who became a role model for Franky. 

Tom is also the only person who cares about Franky, and makes him his successor. 

However, the big incident that attacked Water Seven made Tom finally have to die.

Franky then filled the role of Tom to become the protector of Water 7 in his own way. 

He became the ruler of the criminal underworld in Water Seven. 

Although he does often do evil, his main goal is to protect the city. 

Finally, the time that later brought Franky to the Straw Hat crew. 

Franky himself is a human who has several artificial body parts, which we later know as cyborgs.

The front part of his body is really a protection for his life, because it is resistant to various attacks. 

But, unfortunately, the back of Franky's body still remains fragile. 

With the cyborg body, Franky keeps a lot of weapons that he uses to fight against enemies. 

For example, we see Franky's fight against Sasaki which is quite unique and interesting. 

Or when he crushes Big Mom's face.

Franky Has a Devil Fruit?

One Piece: Franky Will Eat Buki Buki no Mi Devil Fruit?

In the Straw Hat pirate crew itself, only four people are known to have devil fruit powers. 

They are Luffy, Brook, Chopper, and Robin. 

What if the rest of the Straw Hats have devil fruit abilities? 

This was also answered by Oda Sensei in the SBS Volume 98 column yesterday. 

In the SBS column, a fan asked Oda Sensei what devil fruit is suitable for the rest of the Straw Hat crew to eat who don't have devil fruit powers.

Oda Sensei then answered that the question was interesting and then confirmed the answer. 

According to Oda, Franky will be very suitable to have the power of Baby 5's devil fruit, namely the Buki Buki no Mi. 

Franky receiving Baby 5's Buki Buki no Mi devil fruit is quite reasonable. 

With the cyborg body he has, as well as an abundance of weaponry, there is no need for much more explanation as to why Franky was right to receive the devil fruit.

The Buki Buki no Mi devil fruit or Weapon-Weapon Fruit gives the user the ability to transform parts of the user's body or the entire body into a powerful weapon. 

This devil fruit is owned by one of the former top brass of the Donquixote pirate group, Baby 5. 

This devil fruit is perfect for those who really like to go all out in fighting. 

Baby 5 once turned himself into a powerful bomb.

However, what then becomes the question is whether Franky will accept the power of the devil fruit. 

It's possible that he doesn't want to stand out too much like the Straw Hat trio. 

Perhaps this was also the reason why he rarely got involved in combat. 

Oda may prefer to present Franky according to his role in the Straw Hats.


One Piece: Franky Will Eat Buki Buki no Mi Devil Fruit?

Compared to the rest of the crew, Franky's development seems less explored, other than things related to the ship. 

Franky spent two years studying various blueprints designed from Vegapunk, in order to increase the capacity of his body. 

Overall, Franky's body is now completely filled with robot components, with lots of equipment and weapons available inside. 

Maybe, in the future, Oda can explore more of Franky's power-ups in the One Piece story.

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