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One Piece 1049 : Dragon's Face Tattoo is Proof that Luffy is from the Lunaria Race

Monkey D Luffy turns out to be from the Lunaria Race in One Piece 1049.

From the facts to One Piece 1049, there is some evidence that Luffy is a Lunarian.

One of them is the tattoo on the face of his father, Monkey D Dragon.

The following is a discussion of One Piece 1049 regarding some evidence that explains that Luffy is from the Lunaria Race.

After seeing Luffy lately often releasing the fire element from every move, many fans have asked why rubber can do this.

Then many answered because Luffy is the Sun God so it's only natural that he can emit fire like that.

However, if you read in more detail about Luffy's actual devil fruit, it is stated that his devil fruit is the Hito Hito no Mi model Nika with the Mythical Zoan type.

Remember the model is NIka only with rubber properties as explained by Gorosei directly.

So his nickname as the Sun God is a different context from his Nika devil fruit.

Because Nika is a peacemaker, the devil fruit is finally dubbed the Sun God.

So it's not that the model of the devil fruit is the Sun God Nika, but the Sun God in a different sense.

It is proven that until now Luffy has not been able to create a big fire like Ace who ate the Mera Mera no Mi.

As for Luffy's hair turning into fire, it has been clarified that his hair is white, not red like fire.

Then when it comes to fire, of course it is closely related to the almost extinct race, namely the Lunaria Race, which is now the only King left.

Lunarians used to come from God's Land or the Land of Gods who lived at the top of the Red Line before they were eventually hunted by the World Government.

Then when viewed from a physical point of view, King's appearance is closer to that of an angel, a human with large black wings, a handsome face like a real man, white hair, and brown skin that Oda gives.

King is known to be the first character in One Piece to be given a different skin tone by Oda in the manga.

Furthermore, the Lunaria Race also provides a direct connection to the moon. Like the word lunar which means moon.

Then previously it was also told how God Enel's adventures there revealed various mysterious stories.

Plus the moon and sun are one important symbol that is very relevant in the real and real world of One Piece.

But above all, King also has a tattoo that is quite similar on the left side of his eye like Luffy's father, Monkey D Dragon.

It's not impossible that it could be a parallel clue if Luffy is half sun and half moon.

Or it could be Luffy's mother or even Dragon himself is from the Lunaria Race.

Even Dragon's skin color can also be said to be very similar to King's, namely with dark brown skin color.

Then the God Valley incident was allegedly the last part of the Lunaria Race extermination.

Because it's not only Lunarian who is called a god, but it's also related to Luffy who is dubbed the Sun God.

Especially when viewed from the timeline, King's meeting with Kaido occurred after the God Valley incident.

That indicated that the God Valley incident was closely related to the Lunaria King Race.

Later it was also discovered that the Lunaria Race could naturally create and manipulate fire from its body.

The concept is the same as the Mink tribe that can generate electricity and the Fish-Man race who can control water.

All of them are a different race from humans who are enemies of the World Government.

It is these evidences that lead us to Luffy's strange ability to create fire.

Long before he reached Nika's devil fruit Awakening, Luffy was known to have been able to use the Red Hawk stance that can emit fire from his fists.

So why was he recently told the background of King's story before Luffy lost and finally reached the Awakening level?

Why specifically did Oda tell the background of King only, not Queen or Jack who even Jack had existed since the last Zou Arc.

Even the World Government is even willing to give a prize of 100 million berries just for information about the existence of the Lunaria Race.

Then this information was accompanied by the World Government's acknowledgment that it was still looking for the Nika devil fruit for the last 800 years.

So that Luffy is from the Lunaria Race, not only explaining the origin of his fire power.

But it also explains why he can heat up his body so he can activate his devil fruit Awakening in chapter 1043.

That indicates that being a Lunarian is allegedly one of the requirements to activate the Awakening ability of Nika's devil fruit.

That will answer the reason the World Government really wants to exterminate the entire Lunaria Race from the One Piece world.

Also will explain why they didn't kill Luffy from the beginning of the story.

Because the World Government at that time did not know that Luffy was from the Lunaria Race.

So even if Luffy eats Nika's devil fruit he will not be able to reach the Awakening level.

Furthermore, there are some interesting details that support the theory that Luffy is from the Lunaria Race.

Luffy's eyebrows after reaching Awakening are known to be similar to Sanji's eyebrows.

While several previous chapters, Queen said Sanji was from the Lunaria Race because he could create fire from his feet.

Then one of the manga covers during the Skypiea Arc shows Luffy whose left eye is blinking using the same wing as the Skypiea people.

The wink in Luffy's left eye is a symbol of his alter ego which is closely related to his devil fruit.

The conclusion is more or less like this, first the devil fruit eater Nika must come from the Lunaria Race.

The two eaters must be worthy to awaken the devil fruit like Kaido said, namely when ability and mind are balanced.

The mystery of the Lunaria Race as Luffy's original race will of course be revealed in One Piece 1049 or the next chapters.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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