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Boruto: How Can Sarada Get The Mangekyou Sharingan?

Sarada is the newest Uchiha character in Boruto's class.

As an Uchiha, there is one power that will definitely improve Sarada's fighting ability, namely the Mangekyou Sharingan.

In the manga, Sarada's Sharingan is ripe with three tomoe, so the strength increase for her is Mangekyou.

But how do you think Sarada got this power?

1. Seeing Sasuke's death

One of the most likely things that could happen is that Sarada saw Sasuke die.

Don't forget that one way to activate the Mangekyou Sharingan is to see the death of someone she cares about and feel responsible for that death.

Considering that in the fight with Kawaki Boruto using Sasuke's sword and clothes, it could be that Sasuke has a death flag in Boruto's future.

2. Seeing Naruto's death

If in the first point she saw the death of her father, in the second point she would see the death of her mentor or the person he really admired, namely Naruto.

When it comes to Naruto's death flags, since the beginning of the Boruto chapter, it has been estimated that Naruto will die (although not necessarily).

If Naruto dies then Sarada will feel a big loss too.

Well, in the manga version, Naruto and Hinata are trapped by Kawaki in another dimension. If, for example, Sarada were to hear this, maybe she would experience extraordinary emotional turmoil?

3. Seeing the death of her friends

Still from the main root of how to awaken the Mangekyou, which is seeing loved ones die, Sarada's friends are also included.

But we can still minimize this friend, for example seeing Boruto, Mitsuki, or even Chocho die.

We don't know what kind of future Boruto and his friends will live in.

4. Sarada is more emotional

Maybe it hasn't been proven whether the Mangekyou Sharingan can be awakened in this way, but the outline is the same.

When an Uchiha feels deep emotional grief (almost all due to the death of a loved one) the Mangekyou's eyes rise.

Sarada is a more emotional person even than Sasuke, for example when Sarada met Sasuke for the first time, excitement and sadness simultaneously merged until her Sharingan eyes awakened.

If this happens then that's good enough because no character has to die.

5. Sarada returns to the past

If Boruto has returned to the past with Sasuke and knows the history of Naruto and Jiraiya, how about Sarada?

If Sarada returns to the past and knows the dark story of the Uchiha, including the story of her uncle Itachi, then this could trigger the rise of the Mangekyou.

It's even more exciting if you turn it around, she from her past with Naruto, but the possibility of this one is the smallest compared to the four above.

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