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One Piece: Vegapunk and His Allies Are Troubled by a Traitor

In the latest info, it turns out that there is a traitor on the side of Dr. Vegapunk and the Straw Hat group alliance. 

The fate of Vegapunk and the Straw Hats are currently hanging in the balance. 

They were trapped on Egghead Island, when they were trying to escape from the island. 

CP0 and navy are on their way to the island.

The existence of this traitor will increasingly make Dr. Vegapunk's party experience difficulties.

One of the Gorosei and the admiral is also going to the island. 

Not to mention, now Bonney and Vegapunk are shown to have disappeared without a trace. 

The Straw Hats themselves are trying to find Vegapunk and Bonney, where they must find out the bitter truth. It turns out that there is a traitor among them, who has even had clues from the start.

Traitors on the Vegapunk Side

As shown in the previous chapter, Luffy and the Straw Hats along with Stussy and Vegapunk's satellites are about to escape from Egghead Island. 

This happened after CP0 surrounded them. Not to mention, the navy as well as the World Government are starting to get involved in overcoming the situation on the island.

However, an unexpected incident then occurred.

Based on leaked information for chapter 1074, mentioning that there is a traitor on Vegapunk's side. Clues regarding the appearance of this traitor can be seen in yesterday's chapter 1071 and also 1074. 

In chapter 1071 itself, it was shown how the defense system at Punk Records managed to be deactivated. This clearly surprised many people, including Stussy.

Many fans had suspected that it might be part of Luffy and his alliance's big plan to defeat CP0 which had closed all exits on Egghead Island. 

However, based on this information, this was not part of the plan. And what's worse, it turns out that the act was committed by a traitor on Vegapunk's side.

The big question then is who is the traitor or who is the traitor in question? For now, there is still not much information and supporting evidence about who is the traitor. 

However, there are several names that have emerged among fans in this regard. For example, the first Vegapunk satellite was Shaka.

Shaka is the character most widely speculated to be a traitor on Vegapunk's side. In fact, the fans since a few chapters ago have been suspicious of his figure. 

There are several things that are considered to be clues about his betrayal. First, how Shaka is a mysterious figure compared to the other Vegapunk satellites.

In the last chapter, it was seen how Shaka contacted Dragon and said that his life (Vegapunk) might soon be gone. It could actually be Shaka's words that really wanted to kill the real Vegapunk. 

Second, Shaka is considered not to show empathy or anything else for what is happening. 

Besides Shaka, another figure who is also suspected of being a traitor is York, who is another Vegapunk satellite.

Impact On The Straw Hats

How then there could be a traitor on Vegapunk's side is still unclear. We also still don't know what motivated this mysterious figure to betray Vegapunk. 

However, the speculation is that it could be that the World Government or the navy have exercised control or they have been communicating secretly.

This is likely similar to what Shaka did when he secretly contacted Dragon. 

The traitor figure may be controlled and forced to commit treason. And maybe, the communication they have been doing has been established for a long time. 

It could be, this also makes Vegapunk know that his life is in danger.

This betrayal clearly had a significant impact on the Straw Hat crew. 

As mentioned above, they have to deal with three existing powers, namely the navy, Cipher Pol, and the World Government. Not to mention that we see one of the Gorosei finally starting to move. 

This will obviously make them overwhelmed in dealing with the situation.

In a situation that makes the Straw Hats have trouble, Luffy must be able to overcome by using Gear 5 or taking advantage of Zoro and Sanji's powerful strength, but still this situation is not profitable for them.

We are waiting for the continuation in the next episode.

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