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One Piece: Who is Bogard? Does Bogard Really Have Extraordinary Abilities?

The figure of Humphrey Bogard is Garp's representative and one of the mysterious characters in the One Piece series who is the favorite character of the fans. 

Even though he rarely appears in stories, 

Bogard's popularity seems to be quite large. One Piece by Eiichiro Oda is known for its incredible number of characters. More or less there are about 1,000 more that have been introduced.

Some characters do appear frequently in stories such as members of the Worst Generation, the villains, and what is clear is the Straw Hat crew. 

However, there are also characters that rarely appear in the story. What's interesting is that even though he rarely appears in the story, this character still gains popularity and has even become one of the fans' favorite characters. 

An example is Bogard.

Bogard The Deputy Garp

Then, who exactly is Bogard? Humphrey Bogard is an officer in the navy who is also Monkey D. Garp's right-hand man. 

Bogard was also the one who trained Helmeppo and Koby, before finally being trained directly by Garp. 

Bogard is a very calm naval officer, as evidenced by his rarely speaking and only speaking when needed.

It is unknown since when did Bogard become Garp's representative. 

However, seeing his loyalty to Luffy's grandfather, there is a possibility that they have been partners for a long time. 

Because he rarely appears in stories, where even his rank in the navy is unknown and his name only appears a few times, Oda Sensei hasn't presented much information regarding his character.

Although there has been no official confirmation, the figure of Humphrey Bogard bears a resemblance to the figure of actor Humphrey Bogart in the film Cassablanca. 

There is also an interesting fact about Bogard, where Bogard's name was first mentioned in the anime version in episode 68. Meanwhile, in the manga version, Bogard's name was never mentioned. 

So, we can assume that this name is not canon.

Bogard's Overwhelming Ability

Of course, there are several reasons why Bogard is one of the fans' favorite characters. One of them is the strength and ability. 

As Garp's representative, it is clear that his level of strength and ability is not arbitrary. Bogard is known to have extraordinary sword skills. This is known through the cover story in chapter 101.

The cover story shows how Bogard cuts two cucumbers that Koby is holding. The cut itself is really neat and so fast, Koby himself doesn't realize it. 

Even though it may seem normal at first glance, the accuracy and speed of Bogard's attacks are certainly extraordinary. And this makes him worthy of being Garp's representative.

As with its origins, apart from what is presented in the cover story, it is no longer known what Bogard's strengths and abilities are. 

Even so, it is believed that Bogard is not just anyone. And the fans themselves are still waiting for Oda Sensei to show another ability from Garp's representative, which will probably happen in the near future.

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