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One Piece: Blackbeard's Objective at Egghead Revealed!

One Piece: Blackbeard's Objective at Egghead Revealed!

 The purpose behind Blackbeard's crew appearance at Egghead Island has possibly been unveiled based on several clues in the One Piece story. The unexpected arrival of Blackbeard's pirate ship at Egghead Island surprised the fans. This is because the island was already under siege by the Marine forces with an army of 30,000 soldiers and 100 warships.

On the other hand, Blackbeard's crew's appearance on the island has also raised many questions among the fans. One of the things that piqued the fans' curiosity is what Blackbeard is actually after on Egghead Island? Many speculations emerged among the fans, with one interesting theory suggesting that Blackbeard might be targeting Nico Robin.

The Appearance of Blackbeard at Egghead Island

One Piece: Blackbeard's Objective at Egghead Revealed!

The appearance of Blackbeard's group at Egghead Island was first revealed in one of the panels in chapter 1079. This came as a shock to the fans as no one expected Blackbeard's crew to go to that island. Previously, it was known that Blackbeard was at Winner Island, where he had a fierce battle against Trafalgar Law.

The battle was intense, with Law being overwhelmed as he had to face Blackbeard and some of his crew members, who now possess Devil Fruit powers. Law was struggling to defend against the various attacks launched by Blackbeard and his crew. In the end, Law was defeated by Blackbeard. His ship was destroyed, his crew members were unconscious, and Law himself was almost killed before being rescued by Bepo.

The appearance of Blackbeard's crew's ship at Egghead Island sparked many speculations among the fans. Some speculated that Blackbeard intended to cause great chaos on the island after hearing about the Marine's invasion and attempt to destroy it. However, there are also other possibilities regarding Blackbeard's motives for heading to Egghead Island. One of them is that Blackbeard may be after something specific on that island.

So, what is Blackbeard's target on Egghead Island? There is an interesting theory suggesting that Blackbeard is likely targeting one of the Straw Hat crew members, Nico Robin. Why would they go after Robin's life? This is believed to be related to Blackbeard's adventure in reaching Laugh Tale.

Reason for Targeting Nico Robin

One Piece: Blackbeard's Objective at Egghead Revealed!

As known so far, the final phase of the One Piece manga finally revealed the epic moments of the Yonko. The four Yonko - Buggy, Shanks, Blackbeard, and Luffy - now share the same goal of finding One Piece on Laugh Tale Island. The race to Laugh Tale is highly anticipated by One Piece fans.

You probably also know that the main requirement to reach Laugh Tale is to find the four Road Poneglyphs. The clues from these four Road Poneglyphs will grant the opportunity for the pirates to find Laugh Tale. Until now, it is known that all Yonko have copies of the Road Poneglyphs, although the fourth Road Poneglyph is still a mystery.

However, besides having copies of the Road Poneglyphs, the next task is to decipher their inscriptions. Currently, in the world of One Piece, the ones capable of reading Poneglyph inscriptions are Kozuki Sukiyaki and Nico Robin. You might ask, didn't Blackbeard's crew manage to steal Charlotte Pudding? Doesn't her ability as a three-eyed tribe member allow her to read Poneglyphs?

As mentioned earlier, Pudding is not 100% of the three-eyed tribe's bloodline, and she has not fully awakened that power within her. Given this, Blackbeard is likely still unsure of what she can do. Since Blackbeard doesn't know about the existence or identity of Kozuki Sukiyaki, it makes sense that he would target Nico Robin.

The news about Nico Robin on Egghead Island has probably reached Blackbeard, especially since newspapers have been spreading information about the Straw Hat crew on the island. Therefore, knowing this, Blackbeard decided to do what he usually does: kidnapping Nico Robin. As for how he managed to kidnap Nico Robin, that part of the story is yet to be revealed.

Utilizing Two Reliable Crew Members

One Piece: Blackbeard's Objective at Egghead Revealed!

The question above must have arisen in your minds regarding this theory. This is understandable because, as mentioned earlier, Egghead Island is currently under siege by the Marines. They have deployed one Admiral, nine Vice Admirals, 100 warships, and 30,000 Marine soldiers. Attacking haphazardly would certainly pose a significant risk for them.

So, how did the Blackbeard group manage to kidnap Nico Robin amidst such a situation? The answer lies in sending two of their reliable crew members. As we know, Blackbeard, Doc Q, Van Augur, and Jesus Burgess are on Winner Island. Shiryu, Pizzaro, Sanjuan Wolf, Vasco Shot, and even Aokiji are on Beehive Island. This means there are only two other crew members left who could be sent and relied upon for this mission, Lafitte and Catarina Devon.

The selection of these two crew members makes sense given their epic abilities. Lafitte can hypnotize anyone without exception. Meanwhile, Devon can shapeshift or transform into anyone she desires. With the combined abilities of these two crew members, they can easily infiltrate Egghead Island and kidnap Nico Robin.

What's intriguing is on the last page of chapter 1089, there are two panels showing the Straw Hat crew threatening York's life while listening to the Vegapunk satellite negotiating with the Gorosei. If you observe closely, Nico Robin's figure is not present in those panels. Does this mean Nico Robin was successfully kidnapped by Lafitte and Catarina Devon? If this indeed happens, then a large-scale battle reminiscent of Enies Lobby is bound to occur once again.

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