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5 Places That Rarely Get Sunlight, There's Even an Artificial Sun

The sun is an important source of energy for all living things and has provided many benefits for living things on Earth.

For friends who live in Indonesia, can enjoy the benefits of sunlight every day.

But do you know friends? It turns out that there are some areas that rarely get sunlight.

Some of these areas are always covered in overcast clouds and have cooler air temperatures than other places.

Here are 5 places that rarely get sunlight

1. Dikson, Russia

Dikson is located on Russia's Arctic Ocean Coast, at the northern tip of the Arctic Ocean. As a port city, Dikson often experiences days without sunshine or is called a polar night. This event makes the Discount not get sunlight for 24 hours.

These sunless days generally occur in December and early January. For 10 months Dakson is always covered in winter and in two of those months the sun never illuminates the area.

August is the warmest month in the city, but not as warm as you might think.

2. Chongqing, China

Chongqing is an area located in southwest China. This area has a very wet climate throughout the year. This area is the next area that rarely gets sunlight, which is only 1,054 hours of sunshine per year.

Chongqing gets the least amount of sunshine in December and January. Then it gets the most sunlight when it's August.

3. Barrow in Alaska

The Barrow, now known as Utqigvik, was located in Northern Alaska. This place is always shrouded in darkness without sunlight for about 65 days or is called the polar night.

Interestingly, after experiencing a polar night, this place will continue to receive sunlight for months.

4. Rjukan, Norway

This place is surrounded by high mountains, this is what makes this area rarely exposed to sunlight. Residents of Rjukan do not get enough sunlight for about six months.

However, now the residents of Rjukan can enjoy the sun longer than usual. This is because currently a large solar-powered mirror is installed at an altitude of 450 meters above the city. So it looks like an artificial sun, huh?

Controlled by a computer, this mirror can move to follow the direction of sunlight.

At least this artificial sunlight managed to make the city square and other important areas get sunlight and slightly reduce the darkness.

5. Torshavn, Faroe Islands

Torshavn is located in the capital of the Faroe Islands, on the south east coast of Streymoy. This area is nicknamed as the most contained place on the planet earth.

This is because Torshavn only gets approximately 2.4 hours of sunshine or 840 hours per year.

The highest temperature in this area is around 12 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, when winter arrives, the temperature here is only around 6 degrees Celsius.

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