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One Piece: Stussy's Reason For Hiding All This Time

Stussy's figure returns with a big surprise in the latest chapter of One Piece manga, where it turns out that he has been in disguise or hiding for 20 years. 

However, what then made him want to do it? Why did Stussy then have to go into hiding for 20 years? 

Since he first appeared in the Whole Cake Island arc, Stussy is currently a figure who has a big role.

In the Egghead island arc it is shown how Stussy participated in the attempt to finish off Vegapunk. However, what is surprising is that Stussy is revealed to be an old ally of Vegapunk. 

This is what made him want to help the scientist by defeating Kaku and Rob Lucci. On the other hand, he had also been in hiding for two decades. What made Stussy have to hide?

Become a Vegapunk Spy

One of the most logical big reasons to answer this big question about Stussy is the possibility that he might be a spy for Vegapunk. In chapter 1073, there is a detail that supports this reason. 

When the other Straw Hats and other Vegapunk satellites saw what Stussy was doing, Shaka made an interesting statement.

He mentions that despite being in hiding for 20 years, Stussy remains an ally to Vegapunk. Later, when Usopp asked if Stussy was a spy, Shaka then replied that he didn't do it on purpose. 

But, in the end, that's what happened. That is, we can conclude that Stussy was indeed a spy for Vegapunk even though it may not have been that way at first.

Speculation that Stussy is a Vegapunk spy seems to be in line with the theories or speculations previously presented. 

In the previous article, there was discussion about the possibility of a big plan made by Dragon and Vegapunk to take revenge on the World Government. 

This happened after the terrible events in Ohara 20 years ago.

Asking for Stussy's help to become a spy for the World Government could be part of a big plan made by Vegapunk. 

This is probably the reason why Stussy then decided to join Cipher Pol, and try to become part of CP0. That way, he could get various secret information or other things.

This may also be how Vegapunk could find out about and obtain "forbidden" information for the World Government, other than through memories from the books he had read. 

Because of that, Vegapunk became a threat to the World Government and he knew that the World Government was trying to take his life, just like when he explained to Dragon.

MADS Big Secret

Another possibility why Stussy has to go into hiding is because he is MADS' big secret. As explained in the previous chapter, 

Stussy is not your average human. She is a clone of the former Rocks pirate crew, Miss Buckingham Stussy. 

What's also interesting is that in the information it is explained that Stussy is the first successful clone created by MADS.

MADS itself then gets the attention of the World Government, which makes this group of scientists a threat to them. In the end, all parted ways. 

However, there is one thing that these scientists kept secret, especially Vegapunk, namely the true identity of Stussy. Maybe, MADS or Vegapunk deliberately kept this a secret.

Vegapunk or MADS might think that Stussy could be their 'contingency plan' if one day they need help, as is currently happening on Egghead Island. 

Because of that, even though MADS no longer exists, Stussy is still an ally for MADS, especially Vegapunk. Maybe, Oda will present the full reasons why MADS presents Stussy in the next chapter.

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