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Why Do We Feel Hungry Easily in Cold Weather?

Why Do We Feel Hungry Easily in Cold Weather?

Have you ever felt hungry quickly or your appetite increased when the weather was cold?

When we are on vacation in a place with low air temperature, we generally want to eat continuously.

Likewise in the rainy season as it is now cold. When it rains, the body automatically sends a message to eat soon.

In fact, it's not uncommon for people to stock up on food at home when the rainy season arrives so they don't get confused when they're hungry.

Turns out, you're not the only one experiencing this. Many people also experience something similar.

Well, this time Bobo will try to explain the reasons why we feel hungry quickly when the weather is cold. Check out the information, come on!

The Body Expends More Energy

When cold, the body will do various ways to keep the body warm.

Well, this turns out to be able to cause the body to become more active and expend more energy.

Even though we don't do any activity, does this also make the body expend a lot of energy?

The energy expended to warm the body in cold weather actually occurs without us realizing it.

Low or cold air temperatures make the body perform an activity called non-shivering thermogenesis or NST.

NST is an activity when the body works to produce more body heat without the response of the muscles twitching or shivering.

This process will cause more energy to be released than usual, to adjust to the cold air.

This is why being in a place where the temperature is low can make us hungry, because more energy is used.

Hunger Is Influenced by Two Hormones

When a lot of energy has been burned to produce body heat, this makes us hungry.

This feeling of hunger can be influenced by two hormones, namely leptin and ghrelin, which control our desire to eat.

When the stomach is empty and fat levels fall, the cells in our stomach will trigger the release of ghrelin.

For information, the release of ghrelin is what can cause us to feel hungry.

Meanwhile, when we eat, the hormone leptin will be released from the long-term fat cells that line the intestines and large intestine.

Leptin will then travel through the bloodstream to the brain, which functions to suppress the desire to eat.

In addition, it is also useful to tell our brain when to eat and what to consume.

The presence of these two hormones in the body causes us to feel hungry easily when the air is cold.

As a result, the body will always feel hungry, because the body feels it has burned a lot of energy from fat to produce body heat.

Eating Can Warm the Body

Reporting from, we can feel hungry when the weather is cold because of increased energy needs.

Another cause could also be because your body can really warm up after eating.

Yep! The process of eating and digesting food can indeed slightly increase our body temperature.

Therefore, it is natural for our body to give signals to eat more as a way to stay warm.

Oh yes, this increase in body temperature does not depend on the type of food consumed, yes.

Even warm soups and cold salads are said to make the body temperature a little warm.

However, of course eating or drinking something warm has a bigger and faster impact on warming up the body.

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