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One Piece: Bonney Is Kuma's Child Clone?

One Piece: Bonney Is Kuma's Child Clone?

The figure of Jewelry Bonney who has appeared in the One Piece story so far is most likely a clone of Bartholomew Kuma's daughter. 

This came about after seeing some of the clues that Oda has presented in his story so far, especially during the ongoing Egghead Island arc. 

As you now know, the figures of Bonney and Kuma are one of the main highlights in the Egghead arc.

They both have a deep connection and also keep a lot of mysteries, especially regarding what happened in the past. 

Even so, Oda himself still hasn't presented all the information related to these two characters. 

Despite Kuma and Bonney's riddle that hasn't been solved yet, the fans still continue to present various theories and speculations about them. 

One of the highlights is that there is a possibility that the Bonney that we know is a clone of Kuma's child.

The Original Bonney Is Dead?

One Piece: Bonney Is Kuma's Child Clone?

Chapter 1072 yesterday we saw how the memories of Kuma's figure were managed to be removed because of Bonney's power.

Bonney seems to touch the memory that was stored for a long time, which means maybe we will see Kuma's past story in the next chapter. 

In the One Piece story, Kuma is the leader of a kingdom called Sorbet.

The region was once part of the affiliation with the World Government. 

However, the Sorbet kingdom often gets unpleasant treatment. 

In the end, Kuma decided to fight and no longer wanted to be part of the World Government. 

Unfortunately, this decision angered the Celestial Dragons. and decided to destroy the kingdom.

This is also what probably made Kuma get to know Monkey D. Dragon and Vegapunk, and become part of the Revolutionary Army. 

In the attack and battle against the World Governemnt, it is possible that the Sorbet kingdom lost. 

And not only his empire was destroyed, but also his life. 

This is possible after learning if his daughter died in the incident.

In chapter 1064, in Bonney's memory, we see how Kuma looks so cheerful and happy. 

In fact, Sabo himself admitted that Kuma was a very gentle person. 

Meanwhile, the reputation that people know about Kuma is known as an evil and terrible character. 

Does this mean there was a "missing link" or something missing that caused Kuma to change? 

And that thing is none other than the death of his daughter.

After that terrible event, Kuma finally turned brutal and uncontrollable until later he got a bad reputation. 

And this is also what might decide Kuma to give himself up to be used as experimental material for Vegapunk. 

Until then Vegapunk introduced his cloning technology. Vegapunk then created a new "Bonney" figure.

After that, Kuma then inserted his daughter's memories or memories into the clone's body. 

Maybe, this is the reason why Vegapunk doesn't want Bonney to know about the real secret. 

Also, this could be the answer why Bonney knew or was familiar with Egghead Island. 

The narrative that appears in chapter 1072 might refer to the figure of Jewelry Bonney, where Vegapunk still thinks he is an ordinary human.

Other Possibilities

One Piece: Bonney Is Kuma's Child Clone?
Apart from the possibility that Kuma's daughter died, there has also been other speculation about Bonney and the suggestion that she is a clone of Kuma's daughter. 

In another theory, there is a possibility that Kuma's daughter is still alive. 

The World Government could have deliberately kidnapped the real Bonney for their main goal, namely to get Kuma.

After being kidnapped, seeing these conditions, Kuma was finally forced to surrender and become a test subject for the 

World Government. 

And it turns out, apart from Kuma being turned into a Pacifista, Kuma's daughter is also the subject of Vegapunk's research. 

Vegapunk created a clone of Kuma's daughter, unknown to many others.

This might be the reason why Akainu was surprised when Bonney's figure was considered capable of escaping from the hands of the World Government. 

In fact, he didn't know that Bonney actually had clones, aka there was more than one person. 

Maybe, we will see Bonney's real figure at the end of the Egghead arc or maybe in the previous chapter.

Her Daughter's Power?

One Piece: Bonney Is Kuma's Child Clone?

Bonney is known to have powerful powers where he is able to manipulate or regulate her or someone else's age. 

Until now, Oda Sensei still hasn't provided any information regarding her strength even though there is an assumption that it is a devil fruit power. 

However, the question is then what if Bonney's current power is a "copy" or belonging to Kuma's child?

As mentioned above, if the Bonney we know or appears in the story is likely to be a clone of Bonney who is really the daughter of Kuma. 

There are two speculations that arise in the story, where the first is that the real Bonney died in an incident decades ago and the second is that the real Bonney could be locked up in Mary Geoise.

Vegapunk himself is known to be able to create or imitate devil fruit powers. 

We can see this from Momonosuke's or Seraphim's devil fruit. 

Based on this, it makes sense that Vegapunk not only presents a clone of Kuma's daughter, but also her strength. 

In other words, Bonney was like a Seraphim who was given the power of a copy of an existing devil fruit. 

Let's just wait, geeks, for the real facts about this in the next chapter.

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