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One Piece: Stussy Is a CP0 Traitor?

One Piece: Stussy Is a CP0 Traitor?

The figure of Stussy is possibly a traitor to the CP0 organization in the stories in the One Piece series. 

This speculation arose after her past started to come to light in the latest chapter of the series. 

As we know, Stussy is one of the elite members of the CP0 organization. 

She is one of the strongest members, which Stussy proves to be part of the mask-wearing member of CP0.

Stussy first appeared in the Whole Cake Island arc, where we got to see her incredible infiltration abilities. 

Stussy disguised herself as the ruler of the underworld to cover up her true identity as a CP0 agent. 

However, what's interesting is that Stussy has an unusual past where he has a connection with Vegapunk. 

And this makes Stussy a traitor to CP0.

First Clone

One Piece: Stussy Is a CP0 Traitor?

Based on the information that appeared in chapter 1072, it turns out that Stussy isn't just any character. 

She was the first successful clone MADS made. This is based on records made by Vegapunk decades ago. 

In the note, Vegapunk wrote that he succeeded in creating human cloning. 

And Vegapunk himself considers these clones the same as other humans.

At the end of chapter 1072, it was later revealed that the human clone that was created by MADS that Vegapunk meant was Stussy. 

According to her information, Stussy is a clone of one of the Rocks D. Xebec pirate crew, namely 'Miss Buckingham Stussy'.

Unfortunately, there is no further explanation about who this figure is or anything else.

What's interesting is that besides Stussy being the first successful clone created by MADS, she is also the first successful clone with a devil fruit power. 

This is shown when Stussy shows her true figure. 

As it turns out, Stussy is a bat Zoan devil fruit user. 

By using her powers, she managed to put Kaku to sleep and started targeting Rob Lucci.

As you know, previously we knew that a robot or clone or cyborg capable of possessing devil fruit powers was Seraphim. 

However, it turns out that Oda presented another fact if actually before Seraphim there was another clone who had the power of a devil fruit, namely Stussy. 

On the other hand, this also seems to be proof that Vegapunk has been able to imitate the devil fruit power for a long time.

The fact that Stussy is the first clone that was successfully created by MADS also seems to prove that previous speculations have been proven. 

Previous speculations suggested that maybe Stussy was the result of Vegapunk's experiments. 

This is the reason why later she can memorize Egghead's plans, know the various systems, and so on.

Stussy Traitor CP0

One Piece: Stussy Is a CP0 Traitor?

How Stussy revealed her true form and then attacked Rob Lucci and Kaku was quite surprising. 

The reason is, Stussy is part of the same group, namely CP0. This also gave rise to speculation. 

Based on this, there is speculation that maybe Stussy will betray CP0. 

Stussy might help Vegapunk escape by attacking other CP0s.

Why then would Stussy betray? 

As mentioned in the previous point, this could be related to a connection with Vegapunk. 

As with Sentomaru, perhaps Stussy's connection to her creator will make she decide to betray CP0. 

Stussy might "return the favor" for Vegapunk's kindness, where only Stussy saw him as a human.

Stussy may still have not forgotten various memories or memories of the past when Stussy was created by Vegapunk or MADS. 

It was this deep connection that made Stussy decide to betray CP0 by attacking them, and gave Vegapunk and the Straw Hats a window and space to escape from Egghead. 

Or at least what Stussy did was enough to reduce the power of the World Government which was after Vegapunk's life.

Any Other Cloning?

One Piece: Stussy Is a CP0 Traitor?

The revelation of the facts about Stussy is arguably very interesting. 

Besides giving rise to speculation about her betrayal of CP0, other speculations have also emerged. 

It's possible that Stussy isn't the only successful clone MADS has made. Logically, Stussy's success will be a trigger to then create other clones.

We don't know how many clones MADS has created. 

However, it is not impossible if the number reaches tens or maybe even hundreds. 

And what is no less interesting is that if we look at Stussy, there is a possibility that other clones created by MADS are also disguised as part of the World Government or the navy.

If the speculation is correct, then this is definitely very interesting and extraordinary. 

Because, it means that indirectly MADS has succeeded in infiltrating the clone of their creation in the body of the World Government. 

But, is that really MADS' plan or Vegapunk's plan for revenge? 

We still have to wait for further information. 

To be sure, information about Stussy adds to the complexity of the story in the One Piece series and makes the plot towards the end of the series more interesting.

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