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One Piece: Explanation of Fleet Admiral Akainu's Power!

One Piece: Explanation of Fleet Admiral Akainu's Power!

The figure of Akainu is one of the most feared marines in the One Piece story thanks to his extraordinary strength. 

Akainu himself is currently a Fleet Admiral or head of the navy at headquarters. 

He succeeded in occupying his position after successfully defeating his fellow admiral, Aokiji, in a 10-day battle at Punk Hazard.

The promotion given to Akainu didn't just affect the body of the navy, but it proved to affect the entire story as well. 

Akainu is one of the best villains in the One Piece series, given the principle he adheres to, namely absolute justice. 

However, maybe there are still fans who are curious about what Akainu's power level is like.

Have the Strongest Logia

One Piece: Explanation of Fleet Admiral Akainu's Power!

One main thing that all admirals and fleet admirals have in common is the powerful devil fruit. 

Each of them has a devil fruit whose strength is truly terrible. 

And this also applies to Akainu. 

It is known that Akainu is a user of the Magu Magu devil fruit, which is a Logia type devil fruit.

This devil fruit allows Akainu to create and control magma at will. 

What's extraordinary is how Magu Magu no Mi was able to beat the Mera Mera no Mi, such as when Akainu managed to kill Ace's life. 

Oda Sensei also mentioned in one of the SBS columns that Magu Magu is a devil fruit with the strongest element.

Besides that, even though there has been no official confirmation, the fans themselves are sure that Akainu has succeeded in mastering his devil fruit powers. 

And because of this, he might have succeeded in awakening his powers, aka awakening. 

So far, Akainu has often been shown to be very dependent on his devil fruit, which further proves that he is already very good at this devil fruit.

The Strongest Navy

One Piece: Explanation of Fleet Admiral Akainu's Power!

With the power of the Magu Magu devil fruit, Akainu is now the strongest marine in the entire story of One Piece. 

However, apart from the strength side, how can Akainu become the strongest marine figure and occupy the highest position also requires struggle and is not something he can get easily. 

He first appeared in the Marineford arc.

Akainu carefully uses his devil fruit power to cause chaos among the pirates. 

When he had to get involved in a fight, Akainu really wouldn't hold back. 

He has fought and tried to chase many big pirate names. 

And Akainu's biggest achievement was when he succeeded in killing Portgas D. Ace.

However, as shown in the story, killing Ace was still not enough for Akainu. 

He continued to chase after Luffy, who luckily was saved by Jinbei and assisted by Marco. 

Vista and Marco attempted to injure Akainu, but their Haki proved to be too weak. 

Whitebeard finally joined the battle after learning of Ace's death.

Whitebeard himself had succeeded in making Akainu seriously injured, but in fact that did not make him give up. 

Akainu even continues to try to kill Whitebeard. 

And finally, he managed to destroy part of the former Yonko's face. 

What's crazy again is that he also attacked fellow marines. 

Until Akainu himself managed to injure Luffy.

Apart from his involvement in the Marineford arc, Akainu very rarely appears in One Piece stories. 

His battle against Aokiji at Punk Hazard, which lasted for days, didn't even appear, alias happened off-screen. 

Even so, in addition to proof of physical strength, Akainu's reputation has also been proven. 

Blackbeard and his group decided to run away from Akainu when they handed over Jewelry Bonney.

Unfortunately, after becoming a fleet admiral, Akainu's figure was actually very depressed by his position. 

He can't do much and can't show his strength like he used to. 

This is because as a fleet admiral he cannot move carelessly. 

It requires approval from the Gorosei or the World Government before starting anything.

Become One of the Final Opponents

One Piece: Explanation of Fleet Admiral Akainu's Power!

Then will Akainu be involved in another big battle? 

Yes, Akainu may be involved in another big battle. 

The big battle that will again involve Akainu may not happen in the near future. 

However, he can engage in an epic battle at the end of his story. 

Akainu is predicted to be one of the final opponents in the One Piece series.

Many fans predict that Blackbeard and Im will be the last opponents that Luffy and the Straw Hats and their allies will face. 

However, apart from these two names, Akainu is also likely to be one of the last enemies they face. 

Akainu will join the World Government to destroy Luffy's alliance in which Luffy will not stay silent.

What's interesting is that there is a debate about who Akainu will face, between Luffy and Sabo. 

Luffy is considered as the right person for this because it is for the sake of avenging Ace's death. 

However, on the other hand, Sabo is also considered worthy of revenge for Ace considering he is the owner of the Mera Mera devil fruit which represents Ace's passion and determination.

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