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 10 Recommendations for Slice of Lice Anime

One of the most popular genres for many anime lovers is slice of lice.

Slice of lice themed anime is an anime that tells about everyday life with light, entertaining stories and can also give advice and life lessons

Here are 10 recommendations for light slice of life theme anime to watch

Hyouka (2012)

Oreki Houtarou is a high school student who prefers calm and always tries to save his energy when he is going to do something or you can say he is lazy.

After he was forced by his older brother to join a classical literature school, he met a girl named Eru Chitanda. 

Oreki Houtarou's meeting with Eru Chitanda became the beginning of a change in Oreki's life.

Is the Order a Rabbit? (2014)

Cocoa Hoto is an energetic girl who can make friends with anyone right away or you can say she's a social butterfly.

When she moved to study in another city, Cocoa lived in a cafe called Rabbit House. 

She lives with Chino, the daughter of a cafe owner, Rize, a girl who works as a part-time worker.
She also meets two other girls the same age as her, Chiya Ujimatsu and Sharo Kirisima, waitresses from another cafe. 

This anime provides comedy from their funny everyday life, and doesn't forget their adorable characters.

Violet Evergarden


A major war broke out on the continent of Telesis which resulted in the continent being divided into North and South halves. 

Four years passed after the war ended, people began to welcome the new days.

Was Violet Evergarden, a young girl formerly known as a 'weapon'. He left the battlefield to start a new life, working as CH Postal Service.

Violet begins to travel as an 'Auto-Memories Doll' and comes face to face with the various emotions of the people she meets. 

There was a word from on the battlefield that Violet could never forget.

Those words he heard from someone he loved more than anyone. 

However, Violet doesn't know the meaning of the word and tries to figure it out.

Asobi Asobase - Workshop of Fun (2018)

This anime is centered on 3 high school students, Honda Hanako, Olivia, and Nomura Kasumi, each of whom has a somewhat eccentric personality but can be said to be smart in academic matters.

When the three of them create an extracurricular club that is not officially recognized, and they call it "players club" to play together. We will be entertained by their ridiculous daily life in this anime.

If it's for My Daughter, I'd Even Defeat a Demon Lord (2019)

This anime tells about the relationship between father and daughter. Dale is an adventurer whose job it is to eradicate magical beasts.

One day, while carrying out his duties in the middle of the forest, he met a little girl from the demon race named Latina. This anime storyline is very light and can be watched by all groups.

The Helpful Fox Senko-San (2019)

Tells of a man named Nakano Kuroto who lives alone and only works everyday.

One day, when Nakano came home from work and arrived at his house, suddenly at his house he saw a little girl who claimed to be an 800 year old fox named Senko, every day Senko helped Nakano who was always tired. 

A comedy story aimed at viewers who may suffer the same fate as Nakano.

Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater (2020)


Hina Tsurugi and his family have just moved to a seaside town. Hina meets a girl named Yuki Kuroiwa, an upperclassman at her new school, who invites Hina to join her in the fishing club.

Although initially Hina refuses to join, she slowly begins to find joy in fishing. His views on fishing began to change and he was happy to join the fishing club.

Super Cub (2021)

This anime tells the story of Koguma, a high school girl who lives in Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture. He has no parents, lives alone and lives his life alone.

But, his life began to change when he bought a used Super Cub motorcycle. Koguma also met two friends at one school so that Koguma could experience adventure together.

My Senpai is Annoying (2021)


My Senpai is Annoying tells of a romantic comedy story that happened between Igarashi Futaba and Takeda Harumi.

Igarashi Futaba is a hardworking young woman in her office. Meanwhile, Takeda Harumi is an annoying senior but cares for him. We will witness stories of seniors and juniors in daily office.

The Aquatope on White Sand (2021)

The Aquatope on White Sand tells of an 18-year-old girl who works at a small aquarium in Okinawa named Misakino Kukuru.

Misakino Kukuru meets Miyazawa Fuuka, a girl who ran away from Tokyo because she failed to become an idol. Fuuka meets Kukuru and spends her days at the aquarium.

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