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Avatar 2: 3 Moral Messages of This Film, The Way of Water Protect Nature!

James Cameron is back to making Avatar sequels after creating his work 13 years ago. 

The film Avatar: The Way of Water was released on December 14, 2022, this sequel is three hours long and has stunning visuals.

Even though it shows very sophisticated technology, this film raises the issue of nature conservation. 

However, Avatar: The Way of Water actually gives us a moral message to use technology wisely. 

Here are 3 moral messages from Avatar: The Way of Water.

1. Build cohesiveness and confidence in the family

Not only showing a very beautiful panorama, Avatar: The Way of Water also evokes deep emotions. 

The importance of building cohesiveness and confidence in a team is exemplified by the family of Jake Sully, played by Sam Worthington and Neytiri, played by Zoe Saldana.

Even though it was hit by various very big problems, that was the most important point in order to survive. 

Education to be aware of mistakes, trust each other, and build strong bonds in the family.

2. Use technology wisely

Sophisticated technology is clearly visible through the fight scenes when Pandora wants to be controlled by Humans, one of which is by creating an avatar to succeed in her goal.

Human technology that has the shape of a giant ship unfortunately destroys the beauty of nature. Natural wealth is also destroyed because of human greed for profit.

Be careful of technological developments, use technology properly and as wisely as possible so as not to cause harm to yourself or others.

3. Be a reminder for humans to preserve nature

In line with the message about the issue of environmental sustainability, this is a reminder for humans to keep protecting nature and existing living things. 

It is this sense of responsibility to respect the environment that we must revive.

Furthermore, Avatar: The Way of Water also shows the condition that we must respect differences in race, ethnicity, and culture.

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