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5 Anime Characters Who Want to Destroy Humanity

5 Anime Characters Who Want to Destroy Humanity

Most of the villain characters in anime have classic goals, such as taking revenge on a hero, trying to conquer a country, to seize a relic or a very valuable object. 

In achieving these goals, they will never care if their actions have a bad impact on others. 

They only think about how to achieve victory for them.

Meanwhile, some of the other villain characters actually have very bad goals. 

I don't know what made them like that, they really want to destroy the world. 

For that, the only way to stay alive is for them to win the battle between themselves and the heroes who oppose their path. 

Here are some anime characters who want to destroy humanity.

1. Shigaraki Tomura (Boku no Hero Academia)

5 Anime Characters Who Want to Destroy Humanity

Shigaraki Tomura is the main antagonist in the Boku no Hero Academia series. 

Despite following in All for One's footsteps to become the Symbol of Evil, he doesn't share the same goals as the villain. 

He doesn't want to rule the world. 

He feels that destroying the world reflects more on what he really wants, whether as a result of his revenge on the heroes or the general instability of the world.

Day by day, Shigaraki's lust is bubbling up, as is his determination that is burning more and more. 

That was proven when he blindly melted down entire cities without a second thought. 

He didn't feel the slightest bit of compassion until his comrades asked for reassurances that there was something left to enjoy. 

From the horrific acts he committed, it can be seen that he is very serious about destroying the world.

2. Donquixote Doflamingo (One Piece)

5 Anime Characters Who Want to Destroy Humanity

Donquixote Doflamingo is a disgraced Celestial Dragon. 

He also killed his father in the hope that he would be accepted back into Mary Geoise. 

However, he received a flat refusal. 

Both hurt and angry, he vowed to exact his greatest revenge on his former comrades in the Holy City.

Knowing that they could never be reached, Doflamingo decided to attack what the Celestial Dragon controlled. 

He will destroy the whole world and everything in it. 

That way, he was able to weaken his opponent's authority. 

Through the destruction of the world, he thought that his former comrades would definitely feel regret for rejecting him.

3. Father (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

5 Anime Characters Who Want to Destroy Humanity

Father is one of the most ambitious anime villains ever. 

He used his homunculus children to carry out infiltration and attacks on Amestris. 

Not only that, he also directed his homunculus children to a position where he could control and observe all the countries in the world.

Father's ultimate goal is to sacrifice homunculus children so he can increase in power to the extent that he can challenge God himself. 

He didn't have the slightest concern with the repercussions of the feud between him and his enemy. 

He only thought of the supremacy he could gain. 

Unfortunately, he was forced to return to Earth by the Edward brothers. 

Then, he was defeated by them and was unable to carry on with his great determination.

4. Eren Yeager (Shingeki no Kyojin)

5 Anime Characters Who Want to Destroy Humanity

The Eldians had suffered by most of the world during this time. 

They are hated because of their past. 

Moreover, the few of them dominating the entire planet made the hatred towards them grow. 

As a result, they constantly had to face attacks, even their elders were being abused.

To overcome this, Eren Yeager chose to initiate rumbling, a colossal giant march meant to annihilate life across the ocean. 

Together with rumbling, he carried out massacres indiscriminately so that many of his former allies cooperated with past enemies to stop the mad attacks carried out by him.

5. Cath (Nanatsu no Taizai)

5 Anime Characters Who Want to Destroy Humanity

When first shown in the Nanatsu no Taizai series, Cath was considered Arthur Pendragon's friendly companion. 

However, he revealed his true identity as an agent of violence after the defeated Demon Lord and High God were transposed. 

Since then, he is no longer a safe being. 

He turned into a threat to the entire planet.

From the start, Cath planned to unravel the entire planet by wreaking havoc. 

He couldn't be stopped by his two opponents who were main gods. 

However, he couldn't just laugh off his victory. 

He can be defeated by Sin itself even if he relies on his unpredictable wild magic. 

Sure enough, he was able to be overthrown in time.

Every anime character has a different purpose, even the villains. 

They are determined to realize what is their goal in earnest. 

They have various reasons.

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