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One Piece Spoiler 1072: Garp Will Die While Fighting Blackbeard

One Piece 1072 manga spoiler, there is news that Garp will die at the hands of Blackbeard.

In the previous chapter, it was shown that Garp would go to Hachinosu Island to save Coby.

Garp began to prepare to head to Beehive Island, which is the place where the Blackbeard pirates headquartered.

Garp decides to look for Coby to Beehive Island, although he also has another goal, not only to save his student but also to destroy all members of Blackbeard's pirates.

Not only Garp, Katakuri is also expected to head to Beehive Island to save Charlotte Pudding who is his sister who has been kidnapped by two Blackbeard pirate crews.

Even though Garp along with the Marine war fleet came to surround Beehive Island, Blackbeard certainly wouldn't be afraid of this threat.

Where currently Blackbeard manages to have two devil fruit powers, the only way for Coby to be safe is to raise the war flag on Teach.

It is assumed that the battle between Blackbeard and the former Marine Vice Admiral will be shown in manga One Piece chapter 1072 later.

One Piece fans think that Garp might die at Blackbeard's hands if that fight takes place in chapter 1072.

Because of this, Beehive Island will become an arena of war between the Blackbeard pirates against the Marine war fleet led by Garp.

Garp's death is considered imminent because he is old enough to fight Blackbeard who has two devil fruit powers, one of which is the devil fruit belonging to the strongest human in One Piece.

Apart from Garp, Katakuri, who wants to save Pudding, will also come with a large fleet of Big Mom pirates to face a Yonkou.

Where he will also fight against Yonkou Blackbeard, even though upon his arrival he will see the death of Garp, the former Marine hero.

If Garp can no longer face Blackbeard then he will face death.

Even though Katakuri will see Garp die, he will still face Blackbeard so they will be involved in an extraordinary fight.

Therefore Beehive Island will continue to be a battlefield for pirates and marines.

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