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5 Villain Characters in This Anime Are Often Insecure!

5 Villain Characters in This Anime Are Often Insecure!

As a pillar of evil, anime villains are required to be tough figures who intimidate anyone. 

The stronger they are, the more gripping the moment when they are dealing with anime heroes becomes more gripping. 

However, no matter how much they try to appear invincible, they are still often prone to human weaknesses.

Some anime villains decide to do things that aren't right because they actually hate themselves. 

Whether it's because of their weakness or lack of self-confidence. 

Even so, the strength they already have cannot compensate for the weaknesses that exist within them. 

For example, these five anime villains often feel insecure.

1. Speed-o'-Sound Sonic (One-Punch Man)

5 Villain Characters in This Anime Are Often Insecure!

Like most self-righteous egotistical villains, Saitama's recurring foe Speed-o'-Sound Sonic can't lose with dignity. 

He is indeed a highly skilled veteran ninja and an experienced assassin. 

However, he felt frustrated because he always failed when he dueled Saitama.

Sonic can't afford to lose. 

He also feels insecure, but he always tries his best to cover up these feelings of weakness. 

He probably felt a little embarrassed since he often prided himself on not letting go of any enemies alive. 

After all, she wouldn't let others see her fragility.

2. Gendo Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

5 Villain Characters in This Anime Are Often Insecure!

Despite not having outstanding physical prowess, Gendo Ikari makes up for this shortcoming with his intellectual prowess and leadership abilities. 

That being said, he may have had some success as the commander of NERV. 

However, he has completely failed as a good father to his son, Shinji Ikari.

The reason Gendo ignored Shinji wasn't because he was happy about his son's presence, but because he hated himself. 

He was afraid that he would accidentally hurt Shinji. He also often feels insecure due to his failure as a father figure. 

So, he deliberately kept his distance from Shinji. 

However, unbeknownst to him, that decision ruined Shinji's growth.

3. Melons (Beastars)

5 Villain Characters in This Anime Are Often Insecure!

Melon is an animal of mixed descent because its father is an antelope, while its mother is a leopard. 

As a result, he has a strange appearance. 

Feeling insecure, he always wears a surgical mask in public to hide his fangs and freckles on his face. 

Sometimes too, he covers the eyes.

Having reached the stage of hatred, Melon covers all the leopard spots on his body with a melon leaf tattoo. 

When it underwent a dramatic change, he tried to gouge out the freckles. 

Unfortunately, he doesn't have the carnivorous claws he should. 

For that, he 'snatched' the hand of the leader of the leopard Madaragumi.

4. Kintoki Sakata (Gintama)

5 Villain Characters in This Anime Are Often Insecure!

An iconic protagonist of the Gintama series, Gintoki Sakata is able to charm everyone around him. 

He had always been confident in himself and what he wholeheartedly fought to protect. 

As it should be, he has an antagonistic polar opposite named Kintoki Sakata, a flawless clone entity.

Kintoki was created as a substitute for Gintoki with a perfect version of the strongest samurai of Edo so it doesn't have any flaws. 

However, he often feels insecure because he knows one flaw that he actually has. 

He's just an imitation figure who, however, will never be able to take Gintoki's position.

5. Izaya Orihara (Durarara!!)

5 Villain Characters in This Anime Are Often Insecure!

The main antagonist in the Durarara!! named Izaya Orihara. 

He is a cunning information broker so his every move is unpredictable. 

He also possessed extraordinary physical and mental strength. 

Most of the evil schemes that occur in the series are the result of his interference.

Izaya confesses that he loves humanity with a burning passion. 

However, he instead committed a crime as a form of insecurity that he experienced. 

He's actually not good at relating to other people. 

He also has to watch the people he loves from a distance because he is hated by most people.

Just as humans have flaws, every anime character is also shown as an imperfect person, as well as the five villain characters above. 

It was true that they were strong, but they still couldn't shake off what they saw as each other's flaws. 

So, it's normal for them to feel insecure, right?

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