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 Spoiler One Piece1070: 5 CPO Members Will Be Arrested, Who Are They?

As of One Piece 1070, the members of Chiper Pol Aegis Zero (CPO) have not been fully disclosed.

But recently the identity of CPO members has finally been revealed to One Piece 1070.

In the One Piece story, CPO operates directly under the command of the Celestial Dragons, who have the best and strongest agents.

1. Rob Lucci

Before joining CPO, Rob Lucci was a member of CP9 until he was finally defeated by Luffy at Enies Lobby.

After being defeated by Luffy, Lucci got up and joined CPO until he became the strongest member.

Lucci is able to master all of Rokushiki's techniques very well.

He also ate the Neko Neko no Mi devil fruit, Model: Leopard which gave him extra stamina and endurance.

2. Stiff

Just like Lucci, Kaku was part of CP9 before finally joining CPO.

Considered the second strongest in the organization, Kaku can use the Rokushiki technique and is a talented swordsman.

3. Stussy

Although a woman member of the CPO cannot be underestimated, Stussy has extensive connections with the underworld.

Besides mastering the Rokushiki technique, Stussy also mastered Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku Haki.

This ability makes him a respected masked assassin.

4. Guernica

Guernica is one of the most famous CP0 agents that the Gorosei really trust in him.

The Gorosei even gave Guernica a mission to kill Luffy at Wano Kuni.

However, he was intercepted by Kaido until now his status is still unknown whether he is alive or dead.

5. Gismonda

Gismonda appeared during the One Piece arc Dressrosa wearing a red mask with an angry face.

Even though Gismonda's abilities are still unknown, some footage of her fight with Mad Treasure in Heart of Gold made her on the list of the highest CPO members.

Those are the 5 CPO members who will be caught in the next chapter.

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