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One Piece 1070 Spoiler: One of the Admirals Will Die on Egghead Island?


The One Piece 1070 spoiler that is circulating shows that one of the 3 admirals goes to Egghead Island.

The admiral is Kizaru.

The One Piece 1070 spoiler also informs that Akainu received news that Kizaru was on his way to Egghead Island.

What is Admiral Kizaru's purpose for going to Egghead Island? Do you want to help CP 0? Here's the review.

Spoiler One Piece 1069 has been released a few days ago, which will present very important information. One of them is the presence of Admiral Kizaru on Egghead Island.

The One Piece 1069 Spoiler shows Kizaru suddenly disappearing from the Marine Headquarters. But apparently, because he disappeared because he was heading for Egghead Island.

Kizaru's departure had been informed to Akainu by several Marine soldiers, even though previously Akainu had prevented Kizaru from going to Egghead Island.

Maybe the reason Akainu banned Kizaru from Egghead Island was because he already knew that Luffy and friends were there.

However, the biggest possibility is why Kizaru headed for Egghead Island? Because there was Luffy et al who were fighting with CP 0 members.

But it has not been confirmed whether it was his own will or an order from another party that made him go to Egghead Island?

Bearing in mind that it is not only Fleet Admirals who can give orders to Navy Admirals. But Tenryuubito can too.

However, apparently there is speculation that arises. The speculation states that there is a possibility that another figure or party contacted Kizaru,
that made the Admiral go there.

Some say that it was Sentomaru who contacted Kizaru. Moreover, Sentomaru and Kizaru had worked together to catch Supernovas including Luffy et al on Sabaody Island.

Then it's possible that Kizaru came to Egghead Island to save Dr.Vegapunk at Sentomaru's request. In order for Dr. Vegapunk can survive CP 0 attacks.

But that's hard to happen. Remember, so far Kizaru has an understanding of justice that is almost similar to Akainu.

There is also speculation that it was CP 0 who asked for help. Because of the possibility that when members of CP 0 were pressed and their fate was in the balance, they finally contacted other parties. Namely the Navy.

Well, because maybe Kizaru still has a grudge against Luffy et al. Finally he decided to go to Egghead Island without orders from Akainu.

This can happen, most likely when CP 0 contacts the Marines but Fleet Admiral Akainu is not there.

So because of that, why did Kizaru suddenly disappear from the Marine headquarters but Akainu didn't know where he was going until he was finally told by the soldiers?

With the arrival of Kizaru to Egghead Island. then the Egghead Arc will be even more exciting, will Kizaru die on Egghead Island later?

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