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5 Anime Characters Who Are "Addicted" to Work, Workaholics!

5 Anime Characters Who Are "Addicted" to Work, Workaholics!

Nothing is free in this world so everyone has to work to support themselves and their families. 

In this anime, there are several characters who are passionate about work. 

They can take a few days overtime to not use vacation allotment, even when they really don't need the money.

Some anime characters who appear to be workaholics may actually not really enjoy their job personally. However, they must stay afloat for a reason. 

They will also look like a workaholic. 

There are also some characters who are crazy about their jobs. For example, here are five characters between them.

1. Umataro Tenma (Astro Boy)

5 Anime Characters Who Are "Addicted" to Work, Workaholics!

In the Astro Boy anime, dr. Umataro Tenma begins the series as a workaholic scientist who deals with the ministry of science and robotics. 

He also neglected his son, Tobio, due to the job he had. 

He left Tobio in the care of a robot maid.

One day, Tenma had a fight with Tobio who questioned his whereabouts and his son ran away from home. 

As a result, he lost Tobio who was killed in a traffic accident. In memory of his son's passing, he created Astro Boy. 

From that decision, it could be seen that he had no outside life, apart from being in the field of manufacturing robotics.

2. Youko Morinomiya (Gakuen Babysitter)

5 Anime Characters Who Are "Addicted" to Work, Workaholics!

In the Gakuen Babysitter anime, Youko Morinomiya is the owner of Morinomiya Academy. 

Because of that, she is known as the Head Woman. 

She was always busy with meetings and long hours of work. 

As a result of that job, she made Ryuuichi a part of the Babysitting Club.

Although often shown as a workaholic, Youko has a weakness that she hides. 

She loves Ryuuichi. 

She also once missed a meeting to see Kotarou in a play. 

It could be seen that the reason behind her acting like that was because she didn't want to get Ryuuichi and Kotarou too close to her who might not have much time left.

3. Shoutarou Ninomiya (Orange Yane no Chiisana Ie)

5 Anime Characters Who Are "Addicted" to Work, Workaholics!

In the anime Orange Yane no Chiisana Ie, Shoutarou Ninomiya wins the award for never taking a day off in his fifteen years working at his current company. 

He was divorced by his wife due to his persistence at work. 

He had to take care of their two sons. 

To persuade his ex-wife to come back, he bought a house on purpose.

Unfortunately, Shoutarou has chosen the wrong house agent so he gets involved in a scam. 

When he starts moving into a new house, he finds a woman with a daughter named Natsumi living in the house. 

Somehow the next fate, it turns out he had bought the same house as the woman.

4. Koichi (Gake no Ue no Ponyo)

5 Anime Characters Who Are "Addicted" to Work, Workaholics!

In the anime Gake no Ue no Ponyo, Sosuke's father, Koichi, works as the captain of the fishing boat Koganei Maru. 

Much to the chagrin of his wife, he often left home to work at sea unexpectedly. 

For that, he explained to his wife to be willing to give understanding.

When about to go to sea, Koichi tries to communicate with his wife and children using Morse code. 

He would definitely apologize wholeheartedly for not being able to spend more time at home. 

As a result of the job, he is shown spending most of the story at sea.

5. Ami Mizuno (Sailor Moon)

5 Anime Characters Who Are "Addicted" to Work, Workaholics!

In the anime Sailor Moon, Ami Mizuno is a student with a workaholic attitude. 

She always looks like she's studying. 

When she is doing other activities, such as vacationing at the beach, she is still learning. 

As a teenager, she loved sandwiches because she could eat them easily while studying. 

She also has a study group with him as the leader.

In the debut episode, Ami is saved by her love of learning. 

She becomes the only student unaffected by the evil floppy disk, a device that can make anyone a genius. 

She thought that such a thing was underhanded. 

If you look, she really looks like her mother, a doctor who works long hours.

Being persistent at work is indeed a good attitude as long as you don't overdo it. 

There are times, a person has to rest by spending time with family, friends, or just relaxing alone because everything that is too much is not good. 

For example, dr. Umataro Tenma lost his son due to his workaholic attitude. 

So, relaxing for a while doesn't mean being lazy!

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