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One Piece: 7 Marines Potential Traitors to the World Government

One Piece: 7 Marines Potential Traitors to the World Government

Even though these One Piece characters are part of the marine, there is a potential if they will become traitors to the World Government. 

These characters may become the ones who turn against the World Government, and help Luffy's group and its allies destroy the organization. 

This potential is not without reason, because Oda has presented several things.

The marine is the military face of the World Government. 

They are the party appointed to maintain security and peace in the world of One Piece. 

However, even though most of the marine has the same principles, not a few of them have different principles. 

And these navies could be potential traitors to the World Government. 

1. Smokers

One Piece: 7 Marines Potential Traitors to the World Government

Known as the White Chase, Smoker is one of the most formidable marine figures in the One Piece story. 

Smoker himself currently has a position as a deputy admiral. 

He was the leader of the G-5 unit, but after Vergo's defeat, his position may have changed. In terms of strength, Smoker has quite a powerful ability.

It is known that Smoker has two Haki abilities. Apart from that, Smoker also has the ability of a Logia type devil fruit, the Moku Moku no Mi. 

Smoker is the marine that Luffy faces. 

After the Alabasta arc, he has a respectful attitude towards Luffy. 

He knew that the real Luffy beat Crocodile. 

This is the reason why Smoker later became one of the marines who would betray the World Government.

2. Tashigi

One Piece: 7 Marines Potential Traitors to the World Government

Smoker always has a "deputy" who follows him wherever he goes. 

In fact, even in battle, this figure always accompanies Smoker. 

She is Tashigi. 

Tashigi is a captain in the marine who is a partner of vice admiral Smoker.

 Tashigi has one goal in life, namely to take back various legendary swords in the hands of pirates.

Although Tashigi hasn't done anything special to fulfill his dream, so far she's managed to return several legendary swords. 

Tashigi's abilities are not too flashy, but that doesn't mean he can be underestimated. 

She last appeared a few chapters ago, where Tashigi was at a marine base near Egghead Island. 

Whether she is part of SWORD is still unknown.

3. Koby

One Piece: 7 Marines Potential Traitors to the World Government

Koby was originally an ordinary extra character. 

He first appears as a slave/lackey on the pirate ship Alvida. Luckily, he met Luffy and managed to free him. 

Koby has a dream to become a pirate, he even has a dream to become an admiral. 

Koby himself has now developed into an extraordinary character.

He is known to have the ability of Rokushiki and also Observation Haki. 

The most extraordinary thing, of course, is how Koby is currently joining the secret marine organization, SWORD. 

This of course has become one of the big clues how Koby will become a traitor to the World Government. 

Because, it is known that SWORD has a principle difference with the marine.

4. Helmeppo

One Piece: 7 Marines Potential Traitors to the World Government

Apart from Koby, Helmeppo is also another marine who will betray the World Government. 

As we know, Koby and Helmeppo have been together since they were little. 

In fact, since the first meeting between Koby and Helmeppo, until they finally became part of the marine, Helmeppo was always with Koby. 

When Koby was being treated after the big Marineford incident, Helmeppo was by his side.

As a very close colleague, of course it's not surprising that Helmeppo also joined SWORD like Koby. 

And then, in chapter 1061 yesterday it was finally revealed that Helmeppo was actually part of the SWORD organization. 

Of course, it will be interesting to see how it acts in the face of the World Government later.

5. Fujitora

One Piece: 7 Marines Potential Traitors to the World Government

Who doesn't know Fujitora, or what is commonly known as Issho. Fujitora is a marine admiral from which he retired, but then returned to duty. 

Despite his age, which is probably about the same age as Garp, he is still considered one of the strongest characters even in the ranks of the marines themselves.

Fujitora himself is actually one of the marines who firmly rejects or declares that he is not in line with his agency and also the World Government. 

This is evident how he purposely blinded his eyes. 

Besides that, in the Dressrosa arc, Fujitora apologized and knelt to King Riku because he thought the marine had been hurting the people of Dressrosa.

6. Sengoku

One Piece: 7 Marines Potential Traitors to the World Government

Sengoku the Buddha used to be a Fleet Admiral or head of the naval headquarters before the timeskip occurred. 

However, after the war at Marineford he decided to resign and now Sakazuki is taking his place. 

Together with Garp and Tsuru, Sengoku became one of the strongest marines of his generation. 

He has often faced strong pirates like Kaido or Roger.

Many think that Sengoku is not 100% adherent of absolute justice. 

Because, he also seems to still have morals and conscience in him. 

We can see this when he accepts Shanks' offer to bury Shanks and Ace in New World. 

Sengoku is one of the marines believed to be a traitor to the World Government at the end of the series.

7. Monkey D. Garp

One Piece: 7 Marines Potential Traitors to the World Government

It seems all geeks also agree that Garp is the strongest Vice Admiral. 

In fact, Monkey D. Garp is considered the strongest vice admiral in the marine. 

Garp even has the nickname as a marine hero due to a major event 38 years ago in God Valley. 

Together with Roger, he fought against the Rocks pirate group which was considered a terrible pirate group, in which some of his crew became Yonko.

Garp could have had the opportunity to get a high rank, but he refused and stayed at his rank before deciding to retire. 

He didn't want to be under the rule of the celestial dragons. 

Of all the marines on this list, Garp is the one who has steadfastly stated that he disagrees with and objects to the World Government and the celestial dragons.

With the position of the marine being under the control of the World Government, it is difficult for them to make or carry out various decisions without the approval of the World Government. 

This is also what Sakazuki complained about, where his position apparently could not make him make a unilateral decision. 

Even so, there are some naval forces who firmly state their attitude is different from the World Government.

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