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 Bleach:Thousand-Year Blood War 5 Interesting Facts about Chika Shihōin

Anime Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War is a continuation of the series Bleach which first aired in 2004. This series tells the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki and friends who return to fight in Soul Society. One day, a masked man appears in the middle of the city. Then something strange happened and the townspeople disappeared.

In this anime there is a very important noble clan, they are called Shihōin. One of the famous Shihōin is Chika. Here are some facts about hika Shihōin

1. Original member of Gotei 13 from a famous clan

The Shihōin clan is one of the Four Noble Families of Soul Society in the present era. (Another member of the Four Noble Families is the Kuchiki clan).

Chika is the representative of this clan in the original Gotei 13.

Judging by the names of the other original Gotei 13, he is also the only member of a noble clan. There are no representatives from, for example, the Kuchiki clan.

Although of course, because the original Gotei 13 was founded more than a thousand years ago, it is not known exactly how the situation of the aristocratic Soul Society was in that era.

As a member of the original Gotei 13, Chika is a part of the group known as the group of bloodthirsty killers.

2. Chika's fighting method shown

Chika Shihōin's demonstrated fighting method is kicking.

The Quincy who was the victim seemed to have lost his head because of the attack.

3. Chika's weapon form


You can see an overview of the shape of Zanpakutō Chika above.

Just like Furōfushi Saitō which was discussed earlier, the Shikai and Bankai forms of Chika's Zanpakutō are unknown.

4. The very first Captain of the 2nd Division

Prior to Sui-Feng, the captain of the 2nd Division was Yoruichi Shihōin.

So, Shonen Jump 2022 issue #52 reveals that Chika is the captain of Division 2 of the original Gotei 13. So he was the very first Division 2 captain.

Interesting, because it means that the very first captain of Division 2 was a Shihōin.

5. His name was revealed in Shonen Jump issue 2022, issue #52

Initially, episode 7 Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War reveals the vivid appearances of the original Gotei 13.

Even so, the names of the members other than Yachiru and Yamamoto have only become known in Shonen Jump 2022 issue #52.

Chika, Furōfushi Saitō, and others are the first to be named there.

Those are some facts about Chika Shihōin.

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