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6 Anime Characters Played by Haruka Tomatsu (Seiyuu)

6 Anime Characters Played by Haruka Tomatsu (Seiyuu)

Born in Aichi, Japan on February 4, 1990, Haruka Tomatsu is a seiyu and singer under Music Ray'n. 

Plunging into the world of voice acting in 2007, Haruka made her debut as a seiyuu by starring in the anime Manabi Straight!.

Having worked as a seiyuu for 15 years, Haruka has now made his name as one of the leading seiyu in the anime industry by winning various awards, such as the Synergy Award at the 9th Seiyu Awards. 

Not only that, Haruka is known to many people thanks to his performance in voicing a myriad of characters from popular anime.

Having played dozens of anime characters, Haruka certainly reaches a wider audience by voicing famous characters that many people know. 

Here are six anime characters played by Haruka Tomatsu. You know everything, don't you?

1. Asuna Yuuki in Sword Art Online (2012)

6 Anime Characters Played by Haruka Tomatsu (Seiyuu)

Asuna Yuuki is one of the main characters in the Sword Art Online franchise. 

Initially, she lived comfortably with her family in Setagaya. 

However, everything changed when she played Sword Art Online on her younger brother's NerveGear. 

Unexpectedly, he was sucked into the game along with tens of thousands of other people.

Although initially very serious about leaving SAO, Asuna softened a bit after meeting Kirito. 

She became more relaxed and enjoyed her life in SAO. 

Asuna is a kind and helpful girl. 

Asuna even dared to take risks to help and protect others.

2. Zero Two in Darling in the Franxx (2018)

6 Anime Characters Played by Haruka Tomatsu (Seiyuu)

Zero Two is the main heroine of the anime Darling in the Franxx. 

She is an elite agent of the Parasites troop belonging to APE Special Forces. 

A hybrid of a human and a Klaxosaur, Zero Two is a mysterious and rebellious girl who has the appearance of a monster, such as having horns and fanged teeth.

Due to her appearance, Zero Two is shunned and labeled as a monster by her peers. 

However, Zero Two is actually a kind and carefree person. 

She respects and likes Hiro, the main character.

3. Kyouko Hori in Horimiya (2021)

6 Anime Characters Played by Haruka Tomatsu (Seiyuu)

Kyouko Hori is the main heroine and girlfriend of Miyamura Izumi, the main character in Horimiya. 

Hori is a student at Katagiri Senior High School in Class 3-1.

Having busy parents who were rarely at home, Hori had to balance her life at school and at home to care for her younger sibling. 

At school, Hori is an energetic student who is popular thanks to her beauty and intelligence. 

Meanwhile, she is a hardworking and disciplined girl at home.

4. Lala Satalin Deviluke in To Love Ru (2008–2015)

6 Anime Characters Played by Haruka Tomatsu (Seiyuu)

Lala Satalin Deviluke is the main heroine in the To Love Ru franchise. 

The eldest child of King Gid and Queen Sephie of Deviluke, Lala is the first daughter and successor to the throne of the Deviluke kingdom. 

Often matched with male suitors to get married even though she herself doesn't want to, she then escapes to Earth to gain freedom and safety.

A deredere, Lala has a very cheerful and childish nature. 

Even though she often acts silly, Lala actually has a smart brain. 

She is also very caring and generous towards others, even people she doesn't know. 

Although childish, Lala can be serious and even dares to scold her friends in serious cases.

5. Naruko Anjou or Anaru in Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (2011-2013)

6 Anime Characters Played by Haruka Tomatsu (Seiyuu)

Naruko Anjou or who is more often called Anaru is one of the main characters of Anohana. 

She is a member of the Super Peace Busters and a childhood friend of Jintan Yadomi, the main character.

Despite being cold towards Jintan, Anaru actually secretly cares for her. 

Anaru is a popular student in school. 

She is also easily influenced by other people, such as being invited to a restaurant with her friends even though she doesn't enjoy it. 

Anaru is a good girl, she even still remembers and cares about the members of the Super Peace Busters.

6. Kikyou Series in Call of the Night (2022)

6 Anime Characters Played by Haruka Tomatsu (Seiyuu)

The Kikyou series is one of the side characters in the anime Call of the Night. 

Although only a side character, Seri actually has a big role in the story. Seri is not only a vampire, but also a gyaru.

Like most gyaru, Seri is a free girl who is cheerful and loves to have fun. 

Seri often teases boys to show her confidence. 

She even showed Yamori Kou her cleavage when they first met. 

As a vampire, she is very cruel and does not hesitate to kill her targets.

One of the most prolific seiyuu currently, Haruka herself will play the character Tiara in the anime adaptation of The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen: From Villainess to Savior which is scheduled for release in July 2023. 

Of the six anime characters played by Haruka Tomatsu above, which one is the character your favourite?

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