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One Piece 1071Spoilers: A Sign of a War Between Luffy and Admiral!

In chapter 1071 of the One Piece manga, spoilers circulated that Luffy and Zoro might face 2 Admirals who were ready to attack them.

The story of One Piece chapter 1071 was initiated by the betrayal of Dr. Vegapunk and the straw hat escape mission, made the world government furious.

The naval fleet was deployed in great force to Egghead Island where Dr. Vegapunk and the straw hat keu are out to catch them all.

Of course, the presence of Marine guests is strong and they are Admirals who are among the strongest characters in the One Piece manga.

The new Yonkou, namely Luffy and the vice-captain Zoro, of course, will be ready to face tough opponents this time.

It was said that the two Admirals who will attack Luffy and Zoro are Kizaru and Fujitora.

Previously in chapter 1070, Luffy had killed one of the CP0 agents, namely Rob Lucci while in Egghead.

This is also the anticipation of the world government to prepare a backup plan to prevent the Straw Hat Keu which may not be enough if only one attack is enough.

In the story, Egghead Island became excited because of the appearance of Kizaru who was already near the island .

One of the greatest forces of the navy heads to Egghead Island in order to capture the crew of the Straw Hat Pirates and Dr. Vegapunk who is known to be treacherous.

However, not only Kizaru, it turns out that Fujitora has also headed to Egghead Island to fight with Zoro.

It was also reported that Admiral Fujitora was someone close to Dr. Vegapunk.

Fujitora got a special mandate from Akainu to catch the Straw Hat Pirates until they really succeeded.

These two admirals are one of the strongest characters in One Piece, but with Luffy's resurrection and how Zoro is now, it's not impossible that the fight can be a draw.

Of course it's interesting to see the surprises that are present on Egghead Island, because in another spoiler.

There will also be other legendary strong figures on the island.

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