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 7 Interesting Facts Regarding the Anime Chainsaw Man

The anime series 'Chainsaw Man' is a series adapted from the shonen manga from Japan with the same title, written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto.

This anime tells how Denji struggles as a chainsaw devil in realizing his naive dream of living comfortably with good food and a beautiful girlfriend by his side.

This anime was produced by MAPPA, a studio that also worked on 'Jujutsu Kaisen' and 'Attack on Titan Final Season'

Here are 6 interesting facts about this MAPPA studio anime.

1. Setting Time for Chainsaw Man is in 1997

This is depicted in chapter 75 and Tatsuki Fujimoto even changes the course of history in the manga where the Soviet Union still exists, but events like the Holocaust, AIDS, and the creation of nuclear weapons no longer exist. 

There were no wars that occurred after the first world war because the devil's power had weakened.

2. Aki Only Smiled 5 times While in the Manga

Aki Hayakawa is a member of the devil hunter who takes his job seriously. 

Because his family was killed by a devil, he never eradicated devils for wealth and wealth but to save humans so that no one would lose family members like himself. 

Considering his dark past, it is almost never shown a moment where Aki has fun throughout the manga series.

3. Chainsaw Man Full of Movie References

This manga is inspired by the American film franchise titled Texas Chainsaw Massacre which is famous for its brutal scenes and bloodshed. 

In addition, the final battle between Makima vs Chainsaw Man took inspiration from the Shinobu vs Araragi battle in Kizumonogatari III Movie and the battle between Quanxi and Yoshida took inspiration from the film The Raid 2.

4. Kobeni dance

In chapter 86 there is a scene where pochita or Chainsaw Man takes Kobeni on a "dance-dance mushroom" machine and orders him to dance. 

Out of fear, Kobeni finally did it even though he was still crying and with stiff movements. 

In an interview, Tatsuki Fujimoto explained that this scene was made to lighten the mood of the readers after a long dark story.

5. Denji Character Appears in Manga Boku no Hero Academia

Denji appears in chapter 259 titled "enough start" which was released on February 3, 2022. Denji is seen as a member of the paranormal extermination font raid team. 

This chapter introduces a character named Selkie for the first time after previously being mentioned in chapter 126.

6. Plot Twist in each Chapter

The storyline of Chainsaw Man may be lighthearted and realistic but it's hard to predict at the end. 

Even though the Shonen genre doesn't mean the characters in Chainsaw Man won't suffer bad luck. Prepare a tissue beside you when watching this series later.

7.Chainsaw Man Wins Award for "Manga with Most Deaths" on Japanese TV Show

With its popularity, the Chainsaw Man series won several awards in various categories, including awards for the best manga, the best drawing, and the best action. 

But the coolest thing was in 2020 when Chainsaw Man was named the manga with the most deaths.

Those are some interesting facts related to the Chainsaw Man anime. Which ones did you already know?

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