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 One Piece 1071 Spoiler: Reveals Why Kizaru Attacked Rob Lucci

In one piece 1071, Admiral Kizaru has arrived at Egghead Island where Doctor Vegapunk is based. Kizaru's arrival to the island is to capture Moonkey D Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates.

Predictions in chapter 1071 Kizaru will come using a navy warship and several vice admirals.

Upon arriving at Egghead Island, Kizaru was surprised to see the condition of the island in a mess due to Luffy's fight with Rob Lucci.

Rob Lucci, who was ordered to kill Doctor Vegapunk, instead got into a fight with Luffy.

This did not comply with Fleet Admiral Sakazuki Akainu's orders, which ordered CP-0 agents to wait for the marines. 

Not only was he involved in a fight with Luffy, Rob Lucci also overthrew a marine member, Sentomaru, to control Serapim.

As a result, the control of Serapim is now under the control of Rob Lucci.

Will Admiral Kizaru beat up Rob Lucci for disobedience and subvert Sentomaru?

Admiral Kizaru is a pretty formidable figure in the navy.

When he heard that there was a war on Egghead Island, Kizaru immediately rushed there. It is possible that besides Kizaru, Fujitora and Ryokugyu will also follow to the island.

Considering that their opponent this time is Yonkou Mugiwara No Luffy. 

Arriving at Egghead Island, Kizaru looked shocked to see the messy condition of the island and the fallen Sentomaru. 

Plus he saw Rob Lucci who looked battered after the battle with Luffy.

Then Kizaru immediately asked for a report from CP-0 agent members, Stussy also told him what happened, including telling Sentomaru who was defeated by Rob Lucci. 

Hearing that, Admiral Kizaru immediately gave Rob Lucci a crushing attack with his pika pika no mi devil fruit technique.

Rob Lucci, who was hit by a direct hit, fell.

Meanwhile, Stussy and the other CP-0 agents could only watch Rob Lucci dying, because Kizaru's abilities were no match for the CP-0 agents.

That's the discussion about One Piece 1071 spoilers.

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