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5 Comedy Anime with a Touching Ending that You Must Watch!

5 Comedy Anime with a Touching Ending that You Must Watch

Comedy anime are meant to spark laughter in the fans. 

This type of anime is perfect for fans who need a break from the struggles of everyday life.

Some comedy series often present slapstick or strange plots. 

However, there are also those that show funny interactions between anime characters.

Most comedy anime have a happy ending so as not to burden fans.

However, some of the others suddenly have a change of tone that has a heartwarming ending.

Comedy anime like this often surprise fans because of the opposite genre and ending. 

Here are five anime that have touching endings.

1. Noragami (2014)

5 Comedy Anime with a Touching Ending that You Must Watch

Yato is a minor god who wants many followers. 

However, he does not have a single shrine dedicated to him.

Due to the lack of human memory, he also does odd jobs to support himself. 

Unfortunately, he was left behind by his gun comrades who were fed up with poverty.

One day, Hiyori Iki runs to save Yato who is about to be hit by a truck. 

However, she was in danger because of humans shouldn't be able to see gods. Since then, his soul was able to separate from his body.

He asks Yato for help to restore his body to its original state. 

Unknown to him, nothing can be done so he constantly becomes involved with Yato and a new partner weapon named Yukine.

2. Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (2015)

5 Comedy Anime with a Touching Ending that You Must Watch

Tucked into the mountains near the elite Kunugigaoka high school, a small, derelict building houses every delinquent and dropout student.

In class 3-E, they are looked down upon by other students so they want to advance their respective academic careers.

Suddenly, they are tasked with eliminating one of Earth's greatest threats, namely their new teacher.

After successfully destroying the moon, the new class 3-E teacher named Koro-sensei plans to melt the earth.

He has a unique appearance like a yellow octopus. 

He is also able to move as fast as a bolt of lightning and is invulnerable to weapons, making it difficult for students.

Ironically, she proves to be one of class 3-E's best teachers, even having a desire to return the students to the main school.

3. Sakamoto desu or not? (2016)

5 Comedy Anime with a Touching Ending that You Must Watch

Sakamoto is an almost perfect human embodiment. 

Not only handsome, he is really friendly to everyone.

He also has a smart mind that makes him not fluent in technology. 

Apparently, he had been a popular male figure throughout his life.

As if the main character in a fictional story, Sakamoto already gained a lot of fans on his first day of middle school.

He soon became a star among the female students. 

As a result, she also provoked the wrath of envious men.

He has to face every student who pranks him. 

However, he and his perfection really couldn't be beat.

4. Kuma Miko (2016)

5 Comedy Anime with a Touching Ending that You Must Watch

Machi Amayadori is a girl who has spent her days in a village located in the mountains.

Not only with her family, she grew up with a talking brown bear since they were little. 

She often enjoys time with the bear named Natsu Kumai.

In her daily life, Machi often asks Natsu for advice or just shares stories.

One day, when she was 14 years old, she wanted to go to school in the city. 

She also conveyed his wishes to Natsu, but did not get a good enough response.

Therefore, she starts reassuring Natsu who is feeling anxious about city life.

5. Shinchou Yuusha: Kono Yuusha ga Ore Tueee Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru (2019)

5 Comedy Anime with a Touching Ending that You Must Watch

Seiya Ryuuguuin lives in a world where evil forces dominate every hope. 

He is a perfectionist who is too careful in dealing with enemies.

After being summoned by the Goddess Ristarte to save the universe of Gaeabrande from destruction, he begins to prepare himself before embarking on a glorious journey as a hero.

While such obligations were normal for heroes, Seiya prepared things too well.

He actually spent a very long time training himself, even though he had very strong stats.

He fought every weak enemy, even he also used the greatest skills and bought excess potion supplies. That way, he thought that he would still be safe.

Even though they are both comedy genres, the five anime above combine comedy with different genres.

Therefore, all of the anime above can be enjoyed, without having to choose due to genre similarities.

Apart from having a touching ending, the anime above will also not show a disappointing story. 

So, don't hesitate!

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