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One Piece 1069 Reveals Sentomaru a SWORD Member?

One Piece 1069 Reveals Sentomaru a SWORD Member?

The latest chapter in the One Piece manga series seems to present confirmation that Sentomaru is part of SWORD. 

Or it could also be that he was on Vegapunk's side in this situation. 

As geeks know, Vegapunk is targeted by the World Government because he is considered to know too much. 

Moreover, the one related to the mysterious energy source.

The World Government finally ordered CP0 to kill Vegapunk. 

However, the scientist did not want to just give himself up without a fight. In chapter 1068 it appears that Vegapunk is preparing himself to face CP0, for example by fielding Seraphim. 

What's interesting is that Vegapunk gives control of all the Seraphim to Sentomaru. 

Why then is Sentomaru in control?

Command Attack CP0

One Piece 1069 Reveals Sentomaru a SWORD Member?

What is no less interesting is how, based on the leaked information from chapter 1069, Sentomaru gave orders to Seraphim to attack CP0. 

This also makes them finally have to fight to defend themselves from the awesomeness of the Seraphim. 

CP0 itself seeks to control or take control of the Seraphim. 

They are trying to destroy the communications center on Egghead Island.

How Sentomaru orders the Seraphim to attack CP0 is interesting, as it means he is on Vegapunk's side. In other words, he's trying to help defend the scientist's life. 

As we know, Sentomaru is the leader or captain of a special division in the navy, namely the Science Unit.

Sentomaru also serves as a bodyguard or guard figure for Vegapunk. 

Actually, it could be that the reason Sentomaru gave the order for the Seraphim to attack CP0 was his responsibility to protect Vegapunk because he was carrying out his duties. 

However, it is unlikely that this reason will be proven. 

If what Sentomaru was doing was a chore, he shouldn't have gotten in the way of what CP0 was doing.

Why? Because, what CP0 did to kill Vegapunk was a direct order from the Gorosei. 

That is, there are other reasons why Sentomaru later ordered the Seraphim to attack CP0, where one of them was trying to protect Vegapunk because of their connections. 

Perhaps, Sentomaru is someone who shares the same thought or understanding as Vegapunk.

Confirm Sentomaru is a SWORD member?

One Piece 1069 Reveals Sentomaru a SWORD Member?

Apart from the possibility that Sentomaru has the same mindset and understanding as Vegapunk, which made him willing to protect the scientist, there are also other speculations regarding this matter. 

It could be that Sentomaru is part of the secret marine organization SWORD. 

The organization began to appear frequently and played an important role in the last phase of the One Piece series.

As discussed in the previous article, it was explained why one of the clues is that Sentomaru might be part of SWORD. 

What's that? 

How he chose Sentomaru to be his bodyguard. 

Vegapunk certainly has reasons why he wants to accept Sentomaru, one of which is that he believes in Sentomaru.

Apart from that, the theory also mentions how Sentomaru presents the respect he shows for Luffy. 

Sentomaru might also be part of those marines who adhere to a system of moral justice, like Kuzan and others. 

With all the clues available, speculation that Sentomaru is part of SWORD makes sense.

Becoming One of the Marines Who Defected?

One Piece 1069 Reveals Sentomaru a SWORD Member?

As mentioned in the first point, Sentomaru shouldn't have hindered CP0's efforts to kill Vegapunk. 

Instead, he ordered the Seraphim to attack those who overwhelmed them. In fact, it was an order from the Gorosei. 

Based on that, blocking the Gorosei's assignment could mean that Sentomaru had defected.

Within the body of the navy there are several characters that are not in line with the World Government. 

For example, Monkey D. Garp or even Sengoku and Fujitora. 

They emphatically stated their objections to all the systems and the horrors that were presented. 

Perhaps, this is also what Sentomaru feels, who disagrees with all the World Government's systems.

Because of this, Sentomaru decided to defect, by ordering Seraphim to attack CP0. 

Of course, it will be interesting to know what Sentomaru's real reason was for ordering the Seraphim to attack CP0. 

And if it is proven that he defected from the World Government, it means that Luffy and the others have another additional power to destroy the organization.

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