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One Piece Spoiler 1069: Kuma's Destination After Disappearance Turns Out to Egghead Island?

The previous chapter showed Kuma suddenly running somewhere after asking something to Dragon.

In One Piece 1069 it is possible that the Kamabakka Kingdom will be shown, in the previous chapter Bartholomew Kuma used the power of the Niku Niku no Mi to go to an unknown place.

The next chapter will also reveal that Bartholomew Kuma's destination is Egghead Island, the reason for Bartholomew Kuma's sudden move to Egghead Island is because there is a program in him implanted by Dr. Vegapunk.

The program will make Bartholomew Kuma automatically go to Dr Vegapunk's place, when Dr Vegapunk is in danger.

The arrival of CP0 to Egghead Island put Dr. Vegapunk in danger, so that the program within Bartholomew Kuma was immediately activated.

The people of the Kamabakka Kingdom became confused as to where Batholomew Kuma had gone, but after a while, Dragon realized that Bartholomew Kuma's destination was Egghead Island.

With that Dragon immediately asked his men to prepare ships, because the Revolutionary troops would soon be sailing to Egghead Island.

The movement of the Revolutionary Army towards Egghead Island will make things very interesting there, because Dragon will meet Luffy.

Besides that, Stussy has also reported the emergency on Egghead Island to the World Government, so the World Government will surely send more CP0 agents to Egghead Island.

Since Egghead Island also has the Straw Hat Pirates, the World Government will mobilize the Marines, therefore Egghead Island will have many parties, so that the chaos on Egghead Island will become even greater.

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