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 One Piece: Eiichiro Oda Reveals the Secret of Monkey D.Garp's Power

Even though One Piece Manga is almost entering chapter 1069, there are still many things that are a mystery to fans.

One of them is related to the character of Monkey D. Garp

Monkey D.Garp is still a character who has many mysteries regarding his abilities and powers.

Many One Piece fans suspect that Monkey D. Garp's strength has weakened, given his old age.

However, Oda has hinted that Monkey D. Garp still has such powerful strength and abilities even though he is no longer young.

So what power does Monkey D. Garp have that Oda has wanted to reveal to One Piece fans?

Monkey D.Garp is the grandfather of Monkey D. Luffy and father of Monkey D.Dragon, he is also a rival of the pirate king Gold D.Roger.

Monkey D.Garp has the nickname Hero of the Marines, but in the Marines he only has the rank of vice admiral.

Monkey D.Garp is a legendary character, just like Gold D.Roger, Shiki, Shirohige, and Rocks D.Xebec.

In the incident at God Valley, Monkey D.Garp clashed with the legendary pirate Rocks D.Xebec.

Working with Gold D. Roger, Garp finally managed to defeat the Rocks pirates and their horrible crew.

After the incident at God Valley, Monkey D.Garp was offered the promotion to become an Admiral. But unfortunately he refused.

Because he doesn't want to be a direct subordinate of the Celestial Dragons or Tenryubito. But even so, he still earned the nickname Hero of the Marines.

On the other hand, Monkey D.Garp and Gold D.Roger have often fought. Even though Oda hasn't told who will win between these two people.

Uniquely, these two humans are not devil fruit eaters and both have the highest level of Haki power.

It is predicted that Monkey D.Garp and Gold D.Roger's Haki is different from other Haki powers.

As strong proof, Oda once showed his powerful haki power when Roger fought with Whitebeard.

When Shirohige attacked Roger, the strongest man in the world didn't dare to use his devil fruit powers against the pirate king.

Whitebeard had known from the start that Gold D.Roge had a high level kenbunshoku haki that could eliminate the power of his enemy's devil fruit.

So Whitebeard could only use his true abilities to face Roger.

Meanwhile, Monkey D.Garp once showed his high-level kenbunshoku haki during Arc Marine Ford.

At that time, when Ace was about to be executed, Marco unexpectedly flew using his devil fruit power towards the execution stage.

But when Marco was almost there, Monkey D. Garp suddenly threw a punch that made Marco fall.

Marco is known to be able to regenerate every part of his body that was hit by his enemy, but he couldn't do that when he was hit by Monkey D.Garp.

Especially after the war at Marine Ford was over, there was one moment where Marco's head was bandaged.

That way, Monkey D.Garp's Haki power cannot be doubted.

That's the mystery about Monkey D.Garp's strength and abilities, which the mangaka Eiichiro Oda has already revealed.

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