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One Piece: Oda Gives Clues About Deaths of Important Characters?

One Piece: Oda Gives Clues About Deaths of Important Characters?

The creator of the One Piece series, Eiichiro Oda, gave a signal that there will likely be the death of an important character in 2023. 

If this is indeed proven, it means that the One Piece storyline will be even more emotional. 

In the One Piece story, Oda Sensei is known as a mangaka who very rarely brings death into his stories.

According to Oda, death is not the main answer for various things for his characters. 

In addition, according to him, he will only present death when it has a major influence on the storyline. 

Oda has shown several important character deaths throughout the One Piece story, and maybe the number will increase next year.

Oda's Death Clue

One Piece: Oda Gives Clues About Deaths of Important Characters?

Eiichiro Oda gave a hint about the death of an important character in the next year through a message he gave to fans at the Jump Festa event. 

As you already know, every year Eiichiro Oda always makes a message for his fans in the One Piece panel at the Jump Festa. 

Usually, in these messages Oda always gives a lot of things.

An example is thank you for various achievements and even various clues about what might happen in the story of One Piece. 

And this also happened in Oda's message at Jump Festa 23 yesterday. 

In the message, Oda mentioned that there will be a big fight next year. 

The battle can even be considered a battle royale battle.

What's interesting is that at the end of his message, Oda Sensei said that he hoped that no one would die. 

Indeed, this could be Oda's way of increasing the tension about the battle royale he was referring to. 

That way, of course, the fans will be even more curious about what it's like and how awesome the battle is.

However, Oda's words often have a deeper meaning. 

For example, in his message at last year's Jump Festa he had said to keep an eye on Luffy. 

And finally, we see a big change in Luffy's figure through the awakening of his devil fruit and Gear 5. 

Then, even the previous year, Oda had given a hint about Shanks starting to move and the fate of Hancock and Koby who had bad luck.

And finally, at the end of Wano, we see how Shanks starts to search for One Piece. 

Then, in chapter 1059, we saw how Hancock had the bad luck of being attacked by the marines and also by Blackbeard. 

Meanwhile, Koby must also experience bad luck after being kidnapped by Blackbeard. 

This may also happen in 2023 where important characters will die.

Who Will Die?

One Piece: Oda Gives Clues About Deaths of Important Characters?

The big question then is who will die? 

For this it is still difficult to answer. 

However, talking about the death of a character, there were several names that later appeared and was widely speculated that they would die among fans. 

For example, the first is Roronoa Zoro. 

Speculation about Zoro's death arose after what happened at the end of his fight with the king.

After winning the battle against King, Zoro seemed to be unconscious and unable to move. 

He then saw the figure of a grim reaper or death god ready to take his life. 

Some suspected that it was the effect of the drug he had previously taken. 

However, what is no less crowded is that it is a hint about Zoro's impending death.

For a long time, fans have speculated that the Straw Hats will die. 

And this might be a hint that Zoro will die, although it must be admitted that the chances of this actually happening are very small. 

This is because Zoro is an important figure in the story, who helps Luffy realize his dream.

Another important character who is also expected to die is Shanks. 

The figure of Shanks has also often been speculated to be killed by fans. 

In fact, many theories about Shanks' death have emerged among fans. 

For example, there is a theory that says that Shanks will die at the hands of Blackbeard. 

The death will be a trigger for Luffy to increase his strength and avenge Blackbeard.

And when compared to Zoro's death, Shanks' death makes more sense. 


Shanks' death would be a strong emotional blow to Luffy. 

And it also strengthens Blackbeard's character as an evil character. 

And this will be Luffy's motivation to realize his dream of becoming the pirate king. 

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