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One Piece 1069: New Fleet Admiral Candidate Revealed?

One Piece 1069: New Fleet Admiral Candidate Revealed?

There are several interesting and suitable candidates to replace Sakazuki alias Akainu to become a Navy Fleet Admiral. 

Some of these characters have powerful abilities and extraordinary experiences. 

Some of them are still young, which means that these figures can bring renewal and change in the body of the navy for the better.

The story of One Piece has started to enter the final round where Luffy and the Straw Hats are only a few steps away from Laugh Tale Island. 

Many fans have speculated that at the end of the story they will fight against the World Government and destroy them. 

In addition, there will also be major changes in the body of the navy after this. 

If this is indeed the case, it means that Akainu's position will be shifted by another marine. 

Here are some characters who could be candidates for replacing Akainu to become Fleet Admiral.

1. Admiral Fujitora

One Piece 1069: New Fleet Admiral Candidate Revealed?

Fujitora was currently an admiral at headquarters. 

When it comes to fighting strength, Fujitora aka Issho no longer needs to doubt his abilities. 

He became one of the strongest characters in the entire structure of the World Government. 

Issho is also a user of the devil fruit Zushi Zushi no Mi, in which he is able to control gravity in an area at will.

As someone who already has a lot of experience, it seemed natural that Issho would be one of the candidates to become a Fleet Admiral. 

In addition to his abilities, he also has a lot of experience as a marine. 

Not to mention his extraordinary morale, could be another reason why Fujitora deserves to fill this position. 

Issho certainly can bring big changes to the navy.

2. Kuzan

One Piece 1069: New Fleet Admiral Candidate Revealed?

Apart from Fujitora, another naval figure who has extraordinary morals and deserves to be a candidate for Fleet Admiral is Kuzan alias Aokiji. 

You might be surprised by this, considering that Kuzan is no longer part of the navy. 

However, reflecting on the figure of Fujitora who had previously retired but was able to return and become an admiral, it means that Kuzan also has the same opportunity.

In terms of strength, of course there is no doubt. 

Aokiji has the power of Hie Hie no Mi, where he is able to create, control, and turn into ice. 

In a fight, he uses this ability to paralyze his enemy and block the enemy. 

However, not all of Kuzan Oda's abilities are shown in the story.

3. X Drake

One Piece 1069: New Fleet Admiral Candidate Revealed?

Even though X Drake is currently known as one of the Worst Generation and had joined Kaido's Beast group, actually he is still part of the marines. 

In the Wano arc, it was revealed that Drake is the leader of a secret marine organization, SWORD. 

He is known to have the power of the Ancient Zoan Ryu Ryu no MI devil fruit, Model: Allosaurus.

Drake is the youngest candidate to become a Fleet Admiral on this list. 

Even so, that doesn't mean his potential to become a Fleet Admiral is small. 

His position as the leader of SWORD means that he has a special position. 

And maybe this is a stepping stone to later become the new boss of the navy and bring new things to the body of the organization.

4. Smokers

One Piece 1069: New Fleet Admiral Candidate Revealed?

Apart from Drake, a young character candidate who is also considered suitable to become a Fleet Admiral is Smoker. 

One of the first marines to appear in the One Piece series is the user of the Moku Moku no Mi devil fruit. 

Moku Moku no Mi or Smoke Smoke Fruit is a Logia type devil fruit that allows the user to control or turn into smoke.

Smoker is the first marine that Luffy meets and faces throughout the One Piece series. 

He had almost caught Luffy while in Loguetown, before Dragon appeared and saved him. 

Smoker himself is a strict marine however, he has principles and morals. 

I think that's what made him suitable to be the new Fleet Admiral.

5. Monkey D. Garp

One Piece 1069: New Fleet Admiral Candidate Revealed?

You may agree that Garp will become the navy's newest Fleet Admiral. 

Monkey D. Garp is one of the strongest characters in this series. 

Because his fight against Rocks, Garp received the title of marine hero. 

Garp also often fought with Roger, so naturally he became the strongest marine. 

Another proof of Garp's awesome power is that he is one of the greatest Haki users.

Garp is much admired by people because he is known to have a principle that he always adheres to, namely never wanting to be under the influence of the celestial dragons.

Garp had repeatedly turned down offers to become an admiral, but he always refused. 

With Garp becoming the new Fleet Admiral, it is believed he will be able to become a wise leader and carry the values ​​that a navy should have.

Becoming a Fleet Admiral is certainly not arbitrary. 

The position must be filled by someone who is strong, tough, experienced, and has a leadership spirit. Currently, the position in Fleet Admiral is filled by Akainu. 

However, in the future when the World Government is successfully overthrown there will be another character who might fill that position. 

And the characters above are an example.

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