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This is the Anti-Devil Fruit Weapon in One Piece!

This is the Anti-Devil Fruit Weapon in One Piece!

It seems that Oda hasn't appeared too many anti-devil fruit weapons in stories in the One Piece series. 

Even so, Oda Sensei himself has confirmed that this does exist. 

It's not uncommon for devil fruits to be a source of strength for many characters in the One Piece story. 

The most obvious example is Monkey D. Luffy.

Devil fruit has indeed become one of the essential things throughout the series, even since the beginning of One Piece. 

For example, in the early One Piece story, we saw how Oda introduced the Gomu Gomu devil fruit – which turns out to be Nika – which became Luffy's mainstay. 

Apart from creating a devil fruit, Oda also introduced a tool or weapon to counter that power, namely a sea stone.

What is a Sea Stone

This is the Anti-Devil Fruit Weapon in One Piece!

Seastone is a unique material in which there is a Pyrobloin compound which is able to neutralize devil fruit powers. 

This sea stone is usually the material for making handcuffs that the navy has. 

Because, with the sea stone in the handcuffs, those who have devil fruit powers won't be able to do much. 

A clear example of this is when Portgas D. Ace was about to be executed at Marineford.

As we know, Ace is a Mera Mera devil fruit user, where he can use his power to escape. 

However, in fact, this power cannot be used because of the effect of the sea stone which can neutralize the power of his devil fruit. 

Another example of this occurred in Law and Hawkins' battle that occurred in chapter 924. 

During the fight, Hawkins shot a seastone spike into Law's shoulder which prevented him from using his devil fruit power.

Wano Sea Stone Producer

This is the Anti-Devil Fruit Weapon in One Piece!

Apart from shooting nails made of sea stone into Law's shoulder, Hawkins also gave a brief explanation regarding the material of sea stone. 

According to him, the Sea Prism Stone or commonly known as sea stone comes from the Wano region. 

Wano is the largest seastone producing country in the world of One Piece, which is the reason why Kaido and Orochi exploit it to their advantage.

Why then is Wano the biggest producer of sea stones? 

On the sky island there is information that the sea rock and also the sky island itself was created because of a substance or object called "Pryobloin".

The substance was deliberately thrown into the air by a volcanic eruption. 

Wano has an active volcano in the middle of its territory which is none other than Mount Fuji.

With existing materials, such as Pyrobloin, which emerged from volcanoes, it seems natural that Wano would later become the realm of the creators of Poneglyphs and sea stones. Perhaps, in the world of One Piece there are many other volcanoes in other regions. 

However, the quality of the Pyrobloin in other regions is not as good and as strong as the material from Wano. 

This could also be the reason why the World Government and even other parties are trying to buy weapons or other technology from Wano.

How then does the sea stone work so that it can neutralize the devil's fruit power? 

This is what then becomes a big question mark. 

Until now, Oda Sensei still hasn't told how devil fruit can be formed or other secrets. 

Thus, it is difficult to answer the question of how the sea stone became an anti-devil fruit weapon. 

Does it have anything to do with seawater? 

It could be.

Another Anti Devil Fruit Weapon

Apart from the sea stone, Oda also gave a hint about the existence of other anti-devil fruit weapons in the world of One Piece. 

What's that? 

Vegapunk's photon gloves. 

This weapon was only introduced in the previous chapter of the Egghead arc. 

In chapter 1062 yesterday, we saw how Luffy, Chopper, Bonney, and also Jinbe decided to continue their adventure on Egg Head Island.

Arriving at a room on the upper surface, they were all surprised by Vegapunk's findings. 

Starting from food machines, giant robots, and also one of Vegapunk's clones. 

Luffy and the others meet up with York. 

Their meeting with York presented an interesting moment, where Atlas was able to beat Luffy.

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