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One Piece: Proof That Im Sama and Gorosei are Former Pirates

Eiichiro Oda often presents various storylines that surprise fans until One Piece 1068.

One of the plot twists that Oda allegedly presented in One Piece 1068 was about Gorosei and Im Sama.

The facts show that Gorosei and Im Sama were pirates in the past.

So what is the proof that Gorosei and Im Sama are former pirates?
The current supreme rulers of the world's government are Gorosei and Im Sama.

Then we also know that the Jolly Roger (pirate flag) always describes the identity of the pirate

A simple example is the Straw Hat pirates who have a skull Jolly Roger with a Straw Hat because the captain does wear a Straw Hat.

Then what about the World Government which has a unique symbol in the form of five interconnected circles.

The five circle symbols were clearly a clue from Oda that there was something the World Government was hiding.

Most likely they were actually pirates who opposed the side of the World Government in the past held by the Ancient Kingdom.

Because if you look closely, the World Government flag that is rotated 45 degrees will look like a simplified version of the pirate flag that has bones and a skull.

So it is very likely that the current World Government including Im Sama and the Gorosei were founded by the pirates and their allies in the past.

The 20 kingdoms that allied themselves against the Ancient Kingdom were actually not kingdoms but the captains of the 20 pirates who allied themselves against the World Government at that time which was held by the Ancient Kingdom.

This is reinforced by the concept used by the Tenryuubito which is similar to pirates.

The Tenryuubito asked for heaven's gold from the kingdoms affiliated with the World Government as taxes and guarantees.

Kingdoms affiliated with them are said to be protected by the Navy.

Meanwhile, at the same time, the pirates ask for tribute to the residents or kingdoms that are not affiliated with the World Government as security money.

If they don't give this, their village will be wiped out by pirates like the case of the Arlong pirates in Kokoyashi village.

So it can be concluded that the heavenly gold tribute is just a premium version of the tribute money that the pirates asked for.

It will also be the answer to why the World Government hates pirates so much and considers them the main enemy.

Because Im Sama and Gorosei are very afraid that the pirates will form an alliance and the events of 800 years ago will happen again.

Where at that time the pirates managed to bring down the Ancient Kingdom.

Plus the mangaka Oda often makes parallel stories.

So far, it is clear that the World Government does not want history to repeat itself and Im Sama sitting on an empty throne is a symbol of the King of the World.

The King of the World is the dream of one of the pirates who have been erased by the World Government from history, namely the Rocks D Xebec pirates.

However, Blackbeard's dream and determination have now been passed on to Blackbeard and even now, Blackbeard has entered the list of people Im Sama has to kill.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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