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One Piece 1068: Revealed The New Character Oda Promises To Appear Before Luffy Is Scopper Gaban

In One Piece 1068, Eiichiro Oda through his editor said that a mysterious figure would appear in front of Luffy.

It is stated in the One Piece 1068 spoiler that the figure is a former Gol D Roger crew member, Scopper Gaban.

So what is the purpose of Scopper Gaban appearing in front of Luffy in One Piece 1068?

As it is known that former members of the Roger pirates such as Rayleigh and Crocus had helped Luffy.

First Crocus helped Luffy when the Straw Hats entered the Reverse Mountain area.

Crocus gives directions on the routes on the Grand Line.

Then what is the important role of Scopper Gaban in the next chapter?

When Roger descended from Oro Jackson and disbanded his pirates, he was seen to be alive.

Scopper Gaban also had time to take Oden back to Wano. If Rayleigh was still alive it was very likely he was still alive.

Then if we look at the Roger Pirates' final route before finding Laugh Tale Island.

Roger once stopped at an unknown place or island.

Strangely the name of the island is only mentioned as a port city.

After that as explained by Roger, all paths taken from the Grand Line will eventually lead to or lead to a place called Lodestar Island.

Lodestar Island itself is the last island of the New World ocean or you could say the last island from the end of the log pose.

This means that all the pose logs owned by the pirates will lead to this island before finding Laugh Tale.

In addition, according to Inuarashi, anyone who can reach Lodestar Island and find a Poneglyph that contains the history of the world and its civilization.

Would have the greatest possibility of knowing the route to Laugh Tale Island.

Based on this, Luffy is believed to be meeting Scopper Gaban in the near future.

Of course, because he's still alive, it means he has the same important role as Crocus and Silvers Rayleigh in leading Luffy to find Laugh Tale.

At the beginning of the adventure Luffy has been assisted by Crocus, then in the middle by Rayleigh and at the end of the story will be assisted by Scopper Gaban.

This is in accordance with Oda's statement which states that the One Piece story has entered the final stage or the final story.

That's why Scopper Gaban is likely the person Oda said will appear before Luffy in the next chapter.

Scopper Gaban will guide Luffy to then be able to go to Laugh Tale to finally realize his dream to become the Pirate King.

Keep in mind that Scopper Gaban, who is a trio of monsters in the Roger pirate group, is certainly a very strong figure.

Therefore his strength is also not much different from Rayleigh.

So the way Scopper Gaban leads Luffy to find Laugh Tale is by giving the last Road Poneglyph.

That means Scopper Gaban who kept the last Road Poneglyph precisely on Lodestar Island, the last island in the New World.

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