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One Punch Man: Saitama Was The Reason God Appeared?

One Punch Man: Saitama Was The Reason God Appeared?

Saitama is probably the cause of the appearance of God in the story in the One Punch Man manga series. 

The appearance of God in the One Punch Man manga series has won the attention of fans. 

In fact, its appearance has also become a hot topic of discussion among fans. 

This is natural because there are many big question marks related to the figure of God.

Both Yusuke Murata and ONE still haven't given a complete explanation of who the real God is. 

On the other hand, we also still don't know whether he is really a "god" or if he is a creature from another planet. 

The figure of God is again the talk of the fans, after his figure appeared at the peak of the battle in the Monster Association arc.

The fans themselves wonder what later became the cause of the emergence of these entities in the world. 

Many fans then speculated about this. 

However, it seems that yesterday's latest chapter managed to provide clues about what made God start appearing on earth more often. 

And apparently, it has something to do with the main character.

God Appears In One Punch Man

One Punch Man: Saitama Was The Reason God Appeared?

The God figure first appears physically in chapter 153, at which time he appears to take back the power and life of the Homeless Emperor. 

This is because the Homeless Emperor is considered to have failed to carry out the mission he was given. 

Previously, God had also appeared even though he wasn't physically present. 

At that time, he gave powers to several characters like Psykos-Orochi or Garou.

Actually, long before that chapter, God had also appeared in the previous chapter. 

At that time, God had a form like the wind that shaped humans. 

It was he who then gave power to the Homeless Emperor, and turned him into the monster he is today. 

Even so, the figure of God also began to appear frequently at the end of the Monster Association arc.

What is interesting is that the true form of God himself is currently still sealed on a planet that looks like the moon. 

And so far, he had continued to dispatch his subordinates and tried to influence people to become his vessel. 

God himself has a unique and terrible body. 

His body is very large, with many threads on his face.

The name God himself was recently re-referenced in the story. 

The most recent, of course, was in chapter 173 yesterday, where Sitch finally explained about God's figure at a glance to the S-class heroes. 

However, Sitch himself still hasn't provided much other information about God besides some facts such as the black box which turns out to be an object to communicate with God.

Saitama Was the Trigger of God's Appearance?

One Punch Man: Saitama Was The Reason God Appeared?

The conversation about God begins when Flashy Flash conveys greetings from Blast to Sitch in chapter 173. 

Previously, the heroes themselves discussed about God as well as what happened to the Homeless Emperor. 

What the Flashy Flash reveals finally makes Sitch admit a big secret that he's been keeping to himself, whether it's about the Blast or the Hero Association.

According to Sitch's explanation, in the last 20 years, Blast has often fought against God. 

He explains that Blast has a partner who helps him complete the mission. 

Blast and the others try to find the existence of a black box capable of turning humans into monsters. 

That thing Blast had been researching for a long time.

It was revealed that it was a means of communication between God and his potential victim. 

And the box has the name “Oopart”.

However, after trying to prevent God from appearing, about two years ago, when he was fighting Elder Centipede, Blast had finally encountered God. 

God also offered Blast power, which he immediately rejected.

Blast himself decided to become an enemy to God and stopped all his efforts. 

However, Blast himself later explained that the interaction between the earth and the God dimension has recently begun to increase. 

Sitch and Blast and the others were curious as to what had triggered this. 

What's interesting is that in the panel appears the figure of Saitama who is facing backwards.

Sitch himself said that something was triggering the increased interaction. 

Although not directly, the panel seemed to be a hint that God might be interested in Saitama's figure. 

In other words, Saitama is the trigger for increased interaction between the earth and the God dimension. 

Unfortunately, everyone was still not too sure and decided to wait for the results of further investigations.

Saitama's Final Fight Hint

One Punch Man: Saitama Was The Reason God Appeared?

The hint that God might be attracted to Saitama and his powers, which is the reason for the increased activity of interaction between the earth and God's dimension, paved the way that God might be the strongest or final opponent Saitama faced in the series. 

And looking at the two characters, it makes sense if the two fight each other at the end of the story.

However, in fact, speculation about this has appeared since the first time God was physically present in chapter 153 yesterday. 

Fans believe that God has the same power – or maybe more – than Saitama. 

And they will fight each other at the end of the story. 

This will certainly fulfill Saitama's dream to find a balanced opponent or be able to make him fight.

On the other hand, the fight against God will also prove the values ​​of heroism that he has not yet understood. 

Saitama will fight against God to save the earth from destruction. 

And this fight will prove to everyone who Saitama really is and what his strength is like. 

Because, no one can defeat God other than Saitama and Blast.

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