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One Piece Spoiler: Marineford Was Destroyed By This Ex-Rocks D Xebec Crew 

One Piece Spoiler: Marineford Was Destroyed By This Ex-Rocks D Xebec Crew

Few fans are aware of a surprising fact about one of the crew of the Rocks D'Xebec pirates until One Piece 1067.

The facts that exist until One Piece 1067 show that this mysterious figure from the Rocks D Xebec crew has messed up at the Navy headquarters.

He managed to destroy Marineford and make Garp and Sengoku immediately intervene to stop it.

The following is a discussion of One Piece 1067 regarding the former Rocks D Xebec crew that once destroyed Marineford.

Shiki the golden lion is Roger's adversary during the era of the pirate Gol D Roger.

Shiki is also a former member of the violent Xebec Rocks D pirate group.

Moreover, Shiki has the power of the Fuwa Fuwa no Mi devil fruit, which gives the user the ability to float.

Even so, his strength is not enough to beat Roger.

He had often been defeated by Roger and had almost succeeded in defeating the Pirate King with dozens of his allies when he was young.

But unfortunately, his efforts were in vain due to a big storm that suddenly hit his ship.

Even Shiki and his allies were seriously injured by the sudden storm.

One Piece Spoiler: Marineford Was Destroyed By This Ex-Rocks D Xebec Crew

A few years later, news circulated that Roger had been caught by the Navy.

Shiki, who heard the news, seemed to not believe the news.

Because he knew very well how strong Roger was, it was impossible for the Pirate King to be caught by the Marines.

Even though Shiki is his enemy, he really admires Roger's figure with all his heart.

Evidently, Shiki was furious when he learned that Roger would be executed by government soldiers in Roger's birthplace, East Blue.

According to him, this is an insult to Roger because the East Blue is a very weak ocean.

Shiki then recklessly went to Marineford alone and massacred the Marines en masse.

His cruelty was so inhuman that the bodies of the Marines piled up like hills under his feet.

Until finally, Garp and Sengoku had to intervene to stop Shiki's actions at Marineford.

As a result of the battle of Garp, Sengoku, and Shiki, half of Marineford's territory was destroyed.

Shiki then had to end up languishing in Impel Down Prison Level Six after being battered by Garp and Sengoku.

Interestingly, it's not only Shiki, the former Rocks d'Xebec crew, who destroyed Marineford.

Two years ago, another Rocks-D-Xebec crew, Whitebeard, also destroyed Marineford while trying to save Ace.

That was the topic of discussion in One Piece 1067 regarding the Rocks D Xebec crew's previous actions.

It will be interesting to wait for another surprising fact from Eiichiro Oda regarding Rocks D. Xebec in One Piece 1067 or the next chapters.

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