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One Piece: 3 Interesting Facts About Ohara Including Who The Real Ohara Clan

The Ohara incident recently appeared in the leaked One Piece chapter 1066. In the One Piece leak, other interesting facts were revealed about Ohara.

During this time, One Piece fans know that Nico Robin is the only survivor of the Ohara incident. 

It turns out that there are several other interesting things about Ohara and its people.

Check out some facts about Ohara below:

1. Who are the Ohara Clan?

In a remote area in the middle of the West Blue Ocean, there is a small island called Ohara where the Ohara Clan lives. 

Usually, there was a kingdom that ruled this kind of island, like the Drum kingdom where Chopper came from, but there was nothing like that in Ohara.

This is why the people there are somewhat free to do whatever they want. In this case, most of them choose to continue their education.

Despite being a small island with a relatively small population, Ohara is renowned worldwide as a center for scholars, especially Historians and Archaeologists.

The reason is simple because Ohara is the place where the Tree of Knowledge grows.

As the name suggests, this colossal tree is actually a huge library that houses almost every book and record from around the world, mainly on historical and archaeological topics.

2. The Role of the Ohara Clan in One Piece Cerita

One particular topic that every Ohara Scholar is passionate about is the Void Century. The Void Century takes place around 800 to 900 years before the start of One Piece.

As the name suggests, the Age of Void is a period of about 100 years when no historical records are available. 

This is truly a missing chapter in world history.

Something very important must have happened during that time, but somehow there is no information about it at all.

However, the Ohara scholars discovered that there were actually bits and pieces of information available that were created during the Void Age.

These records exist in the form of large cube-like inscriptions called Poneglyphs. 

As if knowing that someone would try to erase this part of the history of the world, people at that time wrote about some of the major historical events and other important information on the surface of the Poneglyph and spread it around the world.

3. What Happened to the Ohara Clan?

As it happens, there are entities that don't want the general public to know about what happened in the Void Century.

Not only that, they are actually people who have been actively trying to hide any kind of information about it from the public.

Who are they? They are none other than the World Government.

So what happens when the World Government realizes that Ohara is not only interested in the Void Century, but that they are actually getting closer to uncovering the truth about it?

The World Government ordered the complete annihilation of the Ohara Clan along with traces of their existence. 

They do so through the Navy's greatest weapon, the Buster Call.

About 22 years before the start of Luffy's voyage, Ohara Island, along with its inhabitants and the Tree of Knowledge, were completely wiped out by the full power of the Marines.

As if that wasn't enough, the World Government even lied to the public and said that Ohara scholars were researching forbidden knowledge to destroy the world.

This slander caused people to demonize Ohara and destroy every record of them, including removing the location of Ohara island from the One Piece World Map.

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