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One Piece Chapter 1066: The Secret Behind The Void Century Is In The Books of Ohara

Vegapunk Shaka is the one who knows that Ohara's books are the only records of the study of the Void Century.

In One Piece chapter 1066, Robin asked Shaka how he got the secret information about the Void Century.

Because Ohara's books are the only records of the Void Age.

Vegapunk Shaka said that Ohara's will, maintain to stay alive.

So how did Robin survive the attack of the Ohara tragedy, it was also known by Professor Clover.
Professor Clover himself is an old friend of Vegapunk.

Vegapunk Shaka tells Robin that the other person who knows about the Void Century is Professor Clover.

Professor Clover turned out to be an adventurer obsessed with the age of emptiness so it's no wonder he knows a lot of things.

That's why Clover settled in Ohara and became the most famous archaeologist in the world.

Vegapunk then thinks that, Clover's research caused the island to burn.

Vegapung Shaka said that he saw a giant island when he arrived in Ohara.

A few months later after arriving in Ohara, he saw a giant lake in the middle of the island, he could even drown everything there.

In One Piece chapter 1066 a little explains the purpose of saving Ohara's books.

Which is where scientists move books to the bottom of the giant lake to protect them from burning and the destruction of the Buster Call.

Shaka explains if it is seen by soldiers, then their value is unknown.

That's what caused Ohara to win, because the assets in it, namely the books that were there, were saved.

This is where Vegapunk then shed tears of joy for their victory.

From these books are kept records of the Void Century.

Vegapunk, who knows many mysteries, has started to talk and tell the secrets that have been a mystery all this time.

For his actions, the World Government panicked and wanted Vegapunk to die.

The World Government then sent messengers to kill Vegapunk.

Knowing this, Vegapunk began to give away the secret information he knew, including the mysteries of the Void Century.

Robin even wondered how Vegapubk could find out about this, while the records of the Void Century only existed in books that were rescued by the giants and brought to the island of Elbaf.

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