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One Piece: Revealed Why Kuma Suddenly Left the Kamabakka Kingdom

Kuma became the focus of the fans after in One Piece chapter 1067 when he was previously saved by Sabo from Marijoa.

At that time Kuma's body was turned into a Pacifista by Vegapunk, and in the end it turned him into a terrible figure.

When later Sabo managed to save Kuma, at that time his condition was very different, and Kuma's human side had disappeared.

In One Piece chapter 1067, Kuma is seen suddenly running to an unknown place.
It seems that Kuma wants to leave the Kamabakka kingdom.

This is of course a big question that then arises when Kuma suddenly leaves in chapter 1067 which has just been released.

Although we still don't know for sure where Kuma went, not a few have speculated that Kuma might go to Egg Head Island with the aim of meeting his son, Jewelry Bonney.

This certainly makes a lot of sense, given that it has been revealed that Bonney is indeed his son.

If this proves to be true, it's likely that Kuma's human side hasn't disappeared all this time and because of that, it's possible that Kuma's memory might not be completely lost either.

The other big question is, of course, how did Kuma find out about Bonney's condition, if he had gone to see her.

For now it is still a mystery, but there are several possibilities that arise.

First, Kuma did know about Bonney's condition through Seraphim or Pacifista.

Like Vegapunk, perhaps Kuma is connected to another Pacifista or Seraphim.
All of Kuma's Pacifistas and Kuma's Seraphim may be connected to the real Kuma.

This is what then makes the real Kuma realize that Bonney is in danger and he must immediately meet him.

Second, another possibility is that the real Kuma knows the situation on Egg Head Island thanks to the transmitter capabilities on Punk Records.

In One Piece chapter 1067, there is new information about Vegapunk, namely how the original 

Vegapunk and its satellites can be connected to each other thanks to the transmitter on the beach course, as well as the antenna at the end of its head which is in the shape of an apple.

They can all access the data or information that is inside Vegapunk's head.

Since Kuma was also made by Vegapunk, it made sense that he would also later find out about Vegapunk's situation through that transmission.

Well, if we talk about how Kuma saved him, it's actually very possible, because of the power of the Nikyu Nikyu No Mi devil fruit that he has.

As we know, Kuma's devil fruit can send or fly anything he touches.

We can see this when Kuma flew the Straw Hat crew before the timescape, where in addition to being able to fly other people, this devil fruit can fly the user.

There is also one big reason why Kuma is likely to succeed in meeting Bonney, is Eiichiro Oda who is about to end the One Piece story.

As Eiichiro Oda said before that, he will end his story in the next few years.

And if we look at what Eiichiro Oda has presented in the last few chapters, it seems that Eiichiro Oda is really serious about that goal.

That's why Kuma might be able to find Bonney and some mysteries will certainly be more and more revealed.

It's not impossible that this will be the moment where he also sends Dragon to Egg Head Island.

Of course, on Egg Head Island there will be more mysteries that will soon be revealed because apart from Bonney's meeting with his father, this will also be a meeting between Luffy and his father.

This could be their first meeting before the revolutionary forces started the big war that had been foretold.

But actually there is another possibility, many think Kuma ran just to get back to Marijoa.

This was because the World Government or the Heavenly Dragons might have some kind of remote control device that would allow them to control Kuma.

When the device is activated then Kuma will immediately go to visit the controller.

This can also be a plot where the battle between the revolutionary forces against the World Government begins to break out, considering that One Piece has indeed entered the final saga.

It could be that the great battle is about to begin.

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