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One Piece 1068 Reddit Spoiler: Dr Vegapunk's Nomi Nomi no Mi is the World's Strongest Devil Fruit

The Reddit platform has just shared spoilers for the One Piece 1068 manga about Dr Vegapunk's devil fruit.

In One Piece 1068, it is known that Dr Vegapunk is also a user of a devil fruit named Nomi Nomi no Mi.

So why is Dr Vegapunk's Nomi Nomi no Mi called the strongest devil fruit in the world?

As we know that Dr Vegapunk is a devil fruit eater Nomi Nomi no Mi and he was also born a genius.

The devil fruit allows him to store and remember all kinds of knowledge in as much detail as possible.

That meant whatever he learned, Dr Vegapunk would memorize the information in an instant.

Dr Vegapunk also always has access to all that knowledge at any time and will never forget it.

It's just that the side effect of this devil fruit is that his brain will continue to grow as the knowledge he gains increases.

That's what makes Dr Vegapunk now has a strange appearance.

Although it looks simple, it turns out that only a few fans realize how terrible the abilities of this devil fruit are.

If you have the ability to learn anything without ever being able to forget it.

It will make you the most powerful person in the world in no time.

Maybe there are those who think that knowing many things will not be able to defeat Blackbeard with the power of the Gura Gura no Mi and the fruit of darkness.

But that's not true because Dr Vegapunk with his devil fruit has managed to uncover all the secret information of the Ancient Kingdom.

He has also succeeded in creating giant robots, laser weapons, finding sea stones as natural enemies of devil fruit users, and being able to clone devil fruits.

If Dr. Vegapunk had wanted, of course he could have built an army of Seraphim for himself and taken over the world.

When one has read every strategy and psychology book in existence and knows everything about anyone, it makes Dr Vegapunk nearly invincible.

Knowledge is power, Dr Vegapunk is already a genius and he now has exclusive access to knowledge.

That's what makes Dr Vegapunk able to maximize the potential of his devil fruit to the highest level and become the most dangerous person in the world.

Of course the results would be different if someone like Luffy ate the devil fruit.

That terrifying power was the reason why the current World Government had come to kill him.

The World Government is also worried that the information that Dr. Vegapunk has ends up in the hands of Luffy, their mortal enemy.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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