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One Piece: Is Kuma Really a Clone of the First Vegapunk?

One Piece: Is Kuma Really a Clone of the First Vegapunk?

The relationship between Vegapunk and Bartholomew Kuma and the Revolutionary Army was finally revealed in the previous chapter of the One Piece manga. 

Apart from turning him into a Pacifista, there may be other things that Vegapunk did to Kuma. 

As we know, Vegapunk changed Kuma's original form into a terrible and dangerous Pacifista. 

However, that turned out to be part of a deal.

Jinbe explained that previously Kuma had to be punished for the crimes he committed. 

However, there was an agreement in which the World Government provided a way for Kuma to be free and enjoy all the benefits. 

Instead, he must be willing to change his body into a Pacifista. 

However, there is an interesting theory where it is possible that Kuma is the first clone or satellite of Vegapunk.

Vegapunk Clone

One Piece: Is Kuma Really a Clone of the First Vegapunk?

As we know, Vegapunk is the chief scientist from the navy who succeeded in researching the Lineage Factor and its applications. He then used this to create clones of himself. 

Vegapunk's clone itself first appeared in chapter 1062, where a female figure claims to be the scientist. 

However, the fact is that she is one of his clones.

Vegapunk's preoccupation with various researches, as well as his immense intelligence, are probably the reasons why he made clones or satellites of himself. 

So far, Oda Sensei revealed that Vegapunk has six clones or satellites with different traits and behaviors. Even so, they are all connected to each other.

In fact, they are also connected to the original Vegapunk figure through Punk Records. 

It was the contents of Vegapunk's brain, where various information and other things were stored. 

They are all connected through a transmission in the original Vegapunk's apple-shaped head, as shown in the explanation in chapter 1067 yesterday. 

However, there is a possibility that there are other satellites that have not been revealed.

Kuma Became the First Clone

One Piece: Is Kuma Really a Clone of the First Vegapunk?

There is an interesting theory regarding the figure of Kuma who is considered to be the first clone of Vegapunk. 

In theory, it is explained that before Vegapunk managed to create the six satellites we see today, he previously turned Kuma's figure into one of his clones. 

There is some evidence to support the theory. First, Vegapunk's relationship with Kuma.

We still don't know how far and how deep Vegapunk's relationship with Kuma is. 

However, seeing how Vegapunk knows Dragon very well and also seems to know who Ivankov and Kuma are, who are the founders of the Revolutionary Army, we can assume that the relationship between the two is very good. 

Perhaps, her relationship was the same as her and Dragon's.

On the other hand, we also know detailed information on how Bonney has known Egghead Island for a long time. 

To be precise, when Vegapunk was still living alone and there weren't many objects or things there. 

Because Vegapunk lived alone, and he realized that it needed a lot of strength, he then conducted a trial to clone himself against Kuma.

Secondly, at the end of chapter 1067 we see how Kuma goes to escape from the Kamabakka kingdom. 

He seemed in a hurry to get out of there, regardless of the condition of his badly damaged body. 

It is still unknown what happened to Kuma. Previous speculations suggested that Kuma might be trying to save Bonney.

In this theory, Kuma may have responded to or answered a call from Shaka asking all Vegapunk clones to go to war. 

In chapter 1067, it appears that Rob Lucci and CP0 have arrived at Egghead Island. 

They seek to bring back Seraphim Kuma while also carrying out their mission, eliminating Vegapunk. 

However, the Vegapunk clones are aware of this other intention. 

That's why they asked the others to be ready for battle.

Vegapunk's goal is to turn Kuma into his clone?

One Piece: Is Kuma Really a Clone of the First Vegapunk?

What then became Vegapunk's goal in turning Kuma's figure into his first clone? 

The first possibility was because he needed to do a trial run before creating his other clones. 

Considering that Kuma was the subject of his research, it is possible that Vegapunk turned him into his first clone he created.

After this was considered successful, then Vegapunk created the other six clones that we know today. 

The second possibility is that this might be Vegapunk's way of spying on the World Government. 

As mentioned above, Vegapunk knows Dragon very well. 

In chapter 1067 it is revealed that their relationship is very close.

However, Vegapunk did have a different idea where he refused to join the Revolutionary Army because they did not have the resources they wanted. 

On the other hand, the World Government is able to make it all happen. 

Even so, Vegapunk himself still seems to have principles that are in line with Dragon. 

Because of that, maybe the two of them worked together after the Ohara incident.

Vegapunk will provide classified information to the Revolutionary Army. 

And one of the ways to collect that information is by infiltrating it. 

However, Vegapunk didn't do it alone. 

He uses "help" in the form of Kuma whose body has been modified. 

Of course, this makes sense considering that Kuma became a slave for the sky dragons. 

And without them knowing it, if Kuma recorded everything that happened, then Vegapunk saved the information and passed it on to Dragon.

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