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One Piece: 5 Privileges of the Celestial Dragons!

One Piece: 5 Privileges of the Celestial Dragons!

Despite being despised and despised, there are some privileges or advantages to being a part of the celestial dragons. 

The celestial dragons are a very powerful group in the world of One Piece. 

They are known as "gods" who are in the highest caste of humans. 

The celestial dragons have the status of the most powerful humans in the world because they are known to be descended from the "creator" of this world.

They are the descendants of the 20 empires that built the World Government. 

These celestial dragons are frequently despised by everyone.

This is because of their arrogant and arbitrary attitude. 

However, apart from that, there are a number of things that become the advantages or privileges of the Celestial Dragons. 

1. Abundant Treasures

One Piece: 5 Privileges of the Celestial Dragons!

One of the most conspicuous and most obvious things related to the advantages of being a Celestial Dragon is their immense wealth. 

There are some concrete proofs of how they possessed such extraordinary treasures. 

For example, the ships they use for transportation are usually very large in size. 

In it complete the bodyguards or even their troops.

Then, during the auction event in the Sabaody arc, one of the celestial dragons immediately offered Camie 500 million Belly. 

This clearly surprised Nami and the other Straw Hat crew, even though they tried to help legally. 

The source of their funds was probably from the Heavenly Tribute or some kind of "tax" that a number of kingdoms or regions had to pay to them.

2. Impunity

One Piece: 5 Privileges of the Celestial Dragons!

Besides having an abundance of wealth, one other thing that is clearly an advantage or advantage for the celestial dragons is impunity. 

Almost any kind of law or anything else will not apply to them. 

This is then the reason why the celestial dragons often act arbitrarily. 

They also never care about other people.

The real proof of this is how they are free to kill the lives of ordinary people. 

They could do whatever they wanted with their slaves, without having to worry about the navy or any other party against it. 

The irony is that even these celestial dragons can easily ask someone to be their wife or husband, even though they know that the woman/man has a partner.

3. Living in a Different/Specific Region

One Piece: 5 Privileges of the Celestial Dragons!

With their status as "gods", it would not be strange if later the Celestial Dragons had a residence complex different from the others. 

They don't live in East Blue, West Blue, North Blue, or South Blue. 

The celestial dragons also don't live in mountainous areas or slum areas. 

They live in a special area above the Red Line, namely Mary Geoise.

Mary Geoise itself is considered a "Holy Land" because it is the abode of the gods. 

For this reason, not everyone has access to enter the area. 

In fact, even the navy can't just be there haphazardly. 

Only those who are at the admiral level or who get a special invitation can be accepted and enter the region.

4. Have Easy Access To Navy

One Piece: 5 Privileges of the Celestial Dragons!

The celestial dragon's next privilege is easy access to the navy. 

With the navy being under the control of the World Government, in fact they were the military face of the World Government, it seemed only natural then that the celestial dragons would have very easy access to the navy. 

The celestial dragons could easily contact them, and in no time a company of troops arrived to help deal with the celestial dragon's problems.

The most obvious example is how Luffy beat one of the celestial dragons which resulted in the appearance of Kizaru on Sabaody Island. 

In fact, apart from Kizaru, the navy also fielded Pacifista which illustrates how seriously they responded to the celestial dragon's request. 

In fact, if they wanted to, these celestial dragons could also field the secret organization Cipher Pol.

5. Has Access To Devil Fruits

One Piece: 5 Privileges of the Celestial Dragons!

This might be a celestial dragon privilege that invites questions and also presents a big mystery. 

It turns out that the celestial dragons have easy access to devil fruits. 

We can see this how they gave free devil fruit to the Gorgon Sisters (Hancock, Marigold, Sandersonia) when they were still slaves for the celestial dragons.

It's still a mystery why they can have such easy access to devil fruits. 

Some theories say that in Mary Geoise there is a devil fruit tree. 

There are also those who say that Mary Geoise is a storage location or warehouse for devil fruit. 

Does this also have something to do with the figure of Vegapunk? 

We still have to wait for further explanation from Oda Sensei.

Regardless of their status as "gods" or the most perfect humans or descendants of creators, and how everyone hates their presence, it cannot be denied that there are many things that are considered beneficial for the celestial dragons. 

And some of the points above are clear evidence of this.

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