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One Piece 1068 Reddit Spoiler: Yonkou Shanks Turns Out To Be Much Stronger Than Admiral

The Reddit platform has shared leaks and spoilers for the One Piece 1068 manga.

In the One Piece 1068 spoiler, several secrets about Shanks' power were revealed.

Shanks turned out to be much stronger than the currently serving Admirals such as Kizaru, Ryokugyu, and Fujitora.

As is known at the end of the Wano Arc, the newest Admiral, Ryokugyu, showed his nose.

But at that moment Ryokugyu who felt Shanks' haki aura from a distance chose to run away.

The reason was very simple, because at that time Ryokugyu only came alone.

Meanwhile Shanks was at his maximum fighting strength and he was with his entire crew.

All of the Shanks pirate crew are known to have different strengths from other pirate groups.

In chapter 957, the Navy revealed that all Akagami pirate crews have a large and even bounty.

Then they also have a balanced and invincible power.

In Movie Red it is also shown that Shanks can easily match Kizaru's speed.

Whereas Kizaru as it is known can move at the speed of light thanks to the power of the Pika Pika no Mi devil fruit.

Even with Shanks' Haoshoku Haki, the Admirals immediately chose to retreat rather than force a fight.

It was proof that there really was a significant power gap between the Marine Admirals and Shanks.

Even so, keep in mind that all Admirals have been equipped with devil fruit powers.

What if all those Admirals have now mastered Awakening and they haven't shown that ability until now.

Of course the battle between Shanks and the Admirals will be even more intense.

That's the One Piece 1068 spoiler review from the Reddit platform.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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