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One Piece 1068 Reddit Spoiler: Epic Battle Between Monkey D Luffy Vs Rob Lucci

One Piece 1068 spoiler which still tells of Luffy's adventures on Vegapunk's island.

Even though this week is a holiday, some spoilers have appeared. One of them comes from leakers who are quite trusted.

The leakers shared a hint spoiler for One Piece chapter 1068.

"One Piece 1068 leaked, 'that person' appeared in front of Luffy," Nathanistic wrote on his Facebook page.

Then who is the character who met Monkey D Luffy in the spoiler of One Piece chapter 1068?

The most likely meaning 'that person' in the One Piece chapter 1068 spoiler is Rob Lucci.

There are several reasons why Rob Lucci is the person in question appearing in front of Monkey D Luffy and Vegapunk.

First, currently Rob Lucci and the CP0 are the closest group to Egghead Island.

Rob Lucci was shown in the previous chapter having arrived at the waters of Egghead and was greeted by a robot in the form of a beast by Vegapunk.

Make Rob Lucci the most likely to appear before Monkey D Luffy.

Second, Rob Lucci mastered the soru technique, which allowed him to walk on air similar to Sanji.

With the soru technique, Rob Lucci can go where Vegapunk is without the need to face the beasts and the Straw Hat pirate crew.

Only Sanji is most likely to tackle Rob Lucci because he is also able to use air as a foothold.

But keep in mind, Stussy and Kaku also master the Soru technique. So that both of them can go to Vegapunk's place with Rob Lucci by air.

Third, Sanji will have a hard time dealing with the three CP0s, especially since Stussy is a woman.

Stussy will arrest Sanji and let Rob Lucci go to Vegapunk's.

Where previously Kaku was successfully attacked by Zoro with his slash, making the two sword users again repeat the duel at Enias Lobby.

Rob Lucci himself will arrive at Vegapunk's place, which he did not expect that Monkey D Luffy was also there.

Luffy will likely have Jinbe, Chopper and Bonney go with Vegapunk while he will have a duel with Rob Lucci.

Making the two of them return to show epic battles like what happened in Enias Lobby One Piece.

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